Sticking to old habits. ((Open))

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Sticking to old habits. ((Open)) Empty Sticking to old habits. ((Open))

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:00 am

It turned out that the camp Lorne followed people into was one for half humans, half gods, otherwise known as demigods. He found out that his father was a Roman god and that's the reason those monsters attacked him and whoever he was around. At first, he was sceptical towards the idea, but it did answer some of his questions. Kind of answered some of his questions anyway. Maybe the reason why the public couldn't see the monsters was because they weren't like him. The archer didn't have any evidence to support it at the current time, but it did make sense if that was the case. Some people informed him that whilst at the camp, he would learn how the Romans fought in the ancient times. All the formations and weaponry. Lorne already knew what he wanted to use though. He already had one with him. Lorne was going to stick to the bow and become the best he could be with it. Once he was sorted into a cohort, the demigod decided to walk around aimlessly.

Luckily for him, Lorne found the perfect place to practise his archery. The place was made for practice after all. Without hesitation, he walked into the arena. Once he walked in, he was rather impressed with it. Everything you needed for training in any weapon was here. Use a sword or daggers? There was plenty of dummies. In fact, the only thing Lorne couldn't see as soon as he walked in was a target. Just his luck. The boy stood there in wet clothes, looking around. He could feel the wind on his skin through the multiple rips in his top. Splashes of mud were on each bit of clothing. He looked like a crazy man, just standing in the middle of the arena like that. But, Lorne felt the need to practice without being in danger. Even if this was a huge trap, not shooting at something living would feel so much better. With a sigh, he decided to look around for the targets. It was hot, so Lorne  looked in the shaded parts more then the light bit. After a few moments of looking, he couldn't find it. He didn't ask for help, nor did he want to. He would just accept the fact that he couldn't do what he wanted today.


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