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swordsplay 101 ((OPEN)) Empty swordsplay 101 ((OPEN))

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:48 am

It was a new dawn. A dawn that would mark the first day of his thirteenth year on the Earth. He was a teenager now! A teenager and that meant one thing! His mother's ban on training with the sword was lifted! He woke at the crack of dawn. Not a single eye open. His mother was fast asleep, having only just returned from a quest that night. He had missed her, that's for sure, and even though he knew just about anyone and everyone here at camp, he still missed her like mad. She was his mother after all. The woman that had fed him. Nurtured him. Raised him and taught him morals alongside others whom were just like them.

Many would, and by right should, call him immature, but did he care? Did he care that he was called immature? No. Because he was a Roman, whatever that meant around here despite his inherited British accent that he just couldn't seem to shake. He crept out upon his tip toes, avoiding the floorboards that he knew to squeak, after all, one would not like to be told off by his mother after disrupting her beauty sleep. Only one he was outside (dressed in a pair of black and white shorts which ended halfway up his thighs and a grey tank top) did he begin his usual warm up.

Today was the start of a new day. A new routine. He just hoped that he could find someone that would be able to teach him how to use the sword as that was the weapon he was most interested in.

His warm up was simple. A simple jog from the cabin to the arena. A place his mother usually knew him to visit and that he had run to ever since he was ten. He may have been the youngest member of Camp Jupiter, but that didn't mean he could slack off. He was just like everyone else... he had to learn how to defend himself... and a spear wasn't going to cut it anymore...


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swordsplay 101 ((OPEN)) Empty Re: swordsplay 101 ((OPEN))

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:39 am

A roar behind them made Lillian jump. Her mother pulled her into her arms. "Mum? Let's go. The monster will catch us.""No, my sweet. You have to go." With a sob, Lillian's mum said," Run and don't come back." Lillian pulled out of her mother's hug. With tears in her eyes, she said "What? No! I won't leave you!"The roar was getting louder and now heavy footsteps joined. "Go my little miracle. Do it for me.... Remember I will always love you. Now run. " With a strangled cry, Lillian's mother pushed her daughter away. Lillian turned and ran, looking behind her she saw her mother's beautiful but lifeless body on the floor.

Lillian's eyes tore open, she found herself staring at the ceiling of the Hermes cabin. It was only a dream, she reminded herself, only a dream. Slowly, her breathing subsided to slow breaths. Peering out the window, she could see the sun peeking from the horizon. She got up from the hard floor. She could be sleeping on a bed. She had been here long enough to have received one, but she gave it to one of the newcomers.

Pulling on some jeans and her Camp Half-blood hoodie, she opened the door and stepped outside. The coldness of the night air hit her in the face. She began to walk. She had no idea where she was going. Usually, Long island Sound was where she went, but it held too many sad memories for now. She wanted to go somewhere new, unexplored by her. Then an idea struck...Camp Jupiter. Why not? It wasn't recently she visited the Camp.

Wandering through the Camp so different to her own, she heard a clanking noise. Pulling her dagger, filo, in front of her. The sounds seemed to be coming from the arena. Her eyes landed on a boy, who wore a look of tiredness and determination. She started towards the boy. "Hi"she said loudlyI'm Lillian.


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