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Raven Wayne

Post by Guest on Mon May 30, 2016 10:47 am

Raven Wayne


14 || Bisexual || Single

Unclaimed Greek Demigod

Short Character Description:

Raven, has two personalities, one that everybody knows and sees, and another that stays hidden, hiding in the dark. On the outside, as well as inside, sarcasm is embedded into Raven thoroughly. She's has a sharp mind and is generally quick in most things, though she's quite a bit more nerdy than she lets on, as well as being a huge theater geek. She is always wanting to learn more and her curiousity often gets her into tricky situations and adventures. Raven is also incredibally impulsive when she's comfortable or alone, and has an inability to keep quiet if she sees anything she thinks is wrong being done. This has gotten her into quite a lot of fights, which could end badly if these kids had weapons or something crazy like that. Raven acts tough most of the time, but inside she is extremely sensitive to the people around her to a point where their pain is her pain. She is very empathetic, always a listening ear to those who need it and she puts other people before herself, simply because she feels they deserve it. Something Raven isn't afraid of showing is her weird or spontanious side, this is because she sees it as beauty and anyone who says differently will be hearing from her. Raven's outward personality acts a lot tougher than she is and will shrug off most compliments, help, questions, and even keeping people at bay sometimes, though she appears friendly and warm she won't let you really know her. Raven hides most of herself, deflecting questions with a wall of sarcasm and the reliance that people like to talk about themselves. She doesn't show people who she is because she has a very low idea of her own self worth and thinks people will turn away from her if they saw who she was, and part of her feels she's already lost it.

Desired Plots:

~Friend(s), Raven is loyal to her friends and will always stand by them. She is willing to listen and will give support no matter what they do, whether that means advice, a smile, or a wake up call. She'll state her opinion, but she only wants whats best for them, and for them to do the best for themselves.
~A frenemy/friend, Raven is always up for a debate or friendly banter. She's quick with a witty comeback and will give an honest perspective, with a minimum of sarcasm.
~A love interest, Raven is only 14 so nothing too intense, but she is a bit of a romantic. It might take a while for her to warm up, but she has a big heart and would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone she cares for(unless they did something awful).
~An enemy, if Raven see something wrong being done she is not afraid to get in someones face. She feels very strongly about certain moral things and if you hit a nerve, watch out. If anyone is looking for drama just give a shout.
~A mentor/teacher, Raven might need some help getting to know camp, if anyone is interested in teaching her the ropes, PM me about it.

If you have another idea feel free to mention it.


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