• Do not hack accounts! This is a very serious offense and will result in permanent banning.

    Respect others on the site, both members and staff. If we see disrespect/fighting/conflict, it will be addressed with some degree of punishment.

    Along those lines, do not argue with staff. In the end, we are the end all, be all!

OOC (Out of Character):
  • Every OOC post MUST have five words for it not to be considered spam.

    Try to avoid spam posting at all costs.

    Bullying/attacking in OOC forums is completely unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

    There is no swearing or PG-13 rated content in OOC. Please keep OOC forums to a PG rating

  • Remember that Cara and Elijah have lives outside of Half-Blood Hill. If you don’t hear back from us right away, do not PM the other or send us multiple PMs asking about your app. We’ll get back to you when we can…have patience!

    Demigods are not allowed to choose their God/Goddess parent. Claimings will happen after staff has a feel for your character and who fits. Along those lines, do not make blatant hints in your bio (“loves swimming and horses”; “is a superior thief”). The more hinting we see, the further we’ll look. Use your bio for unbiased info!

    Please fill out your app to the exact specifications of the form! We will not give it a complete look over until it matches these…this includes the five sentence requirements and other details.

    Do not use “chat speak” (‘u’ for ‘you’, ‘r’ for ‘are’, etc.) or emoticons in your app.

    Do not reference canon characters in your bio unless you’re applying for a canon character. No, Percy does not have a sister, the di Angelo’s don’t have a long lost sibling, etc.

    Avoid making your character a Mary Sue or Gary Stu. These are characters that have it all- looks, winning personality, popularity, etc. Another type of MS/GS is the anti-Sue, a character with a terribly tragic history, a martyr, etc. Here is a Mary Sue litmus test to check your character against.

    Mental illnesses, self-injury, suicide, severe abuse or any sort, and drug abuse should be left out of bios. Mental illnesses depend on the use/accuracy (and we will be checking that), but everything else is a big no. We have members of all ages, and many of these issues are severely inappropriate for that, along with the fact that some members might find it triggering.

    The only monsters your character is allowed to have met in the mortal world are hellhounds, giant spiders, giant scorpions, and evil cyclopses. We will not approve anything else.

    Double accounting is UNACCEPTABLE. We allow a second character after six months of activity, and a third character after a year of activity. If you try to slip a second character past us before you are allowed, we will catch you. Double accounting with result in permanent banning. It’s just not worth it.

RPing (Role-playing):
  • All RP threads rated PG-13 must have appropriate tags.

    All RPs must be at least five sentences and fifty words. Quoting posts before yours are not included in this.

    No NPCs (non-playable characters). Using an NPC means you are using a character that is not yours to use, such as Chiron or Mr. D.

    Along those lines, do not Godmod or puppetmaster. This is similar to using a NPC, but usually involves someone’s character that you’re posting with. An example of this would be saying that someone else’s character started crying when your character hit them. It is not your place to say what someone else’s character did. The one exception to this is if you have express permission for an effect, such as your fellow RPer giving you permission to give their character a black eye.

    Stick to realistic canon. You’re not going to meet an Empousai in the woods or something.

    Have patience in RPing! Not everyone works on your schedule. Not only does everyone have different IRL (in real life) timing, everyone has a different writing process. Please be respectful of this.

    Super powerful/outside of realistic abilities will not be tolerated. A new camper will not have the skill to beat up a child of Ares, or be superior with every weapon they pick up.

    Spelling and grammar is super important! Please put things through a spelling/grammar check. Along those lines, do not use chat speak in RPs.

    Try to avoid OOC spam in IC (in character) posts. It is not necessary to put up a whole reply that just says “I’ll reply tomorrow” or “*spelling, not speling”. If you must put up an OOC post, try to do it at the end of a post, and use a double parentheses- ((POST)) to note that it’s OOC.
Here for your first time? No problem! Poke around, we hope that you like what you see. If you want to become a member of HBH, PM (private message) the application to one of the red staff members: Elijah Emmanual or Cara Trickton.

Character Name:



(Demigod, God, Mortal etc. And if demigod, specify Greek or Roman)

Date of Birth (of character):

(Five sentences minimum)


(Five sentence minimum)

(Five sentence minimum)

How did you find out about us?:

Favorite book of series?:

Up to what book have you read?:

Sample Roleplay:
(Five sentence minimum)

I’ve been accepted, what now? Check out the newbie guide!
Cannon Characters
The color green indicates that the character has been taken.

  • Percy Jackson
    Annabeth Chase
    Nico di Angelo
    Thalia Grace
    Clarisse La Rue
    Travis Stoll
    Connor Stoll
    Chris Rodriguez
    Katie Gardner
    Jake Mason
    Will Solace

Gods, Goddesses and Other Immortals
  • Dionysus

  • Grover Underwood

  • Juniper

  • Chiron Kentavros

Note that gods must be predominantly Greek. However, they can switchover to their Roman counterpart for a claiming.
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