she's up all night to the sun // elijah

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she's up all night to the sun // elijah

Post by Adrienné Belmonte on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:16 pm

By the time Adri had set her spear back on the rack, her forehead was glistening with sweat. She hadn’t planned on spending as much time training as she did, but that was how things turned out, even if it did conflict with her schedule she had mapped out. Well, there was a younger camper who was struggling with a gladius, and from the ambience of this kid, she could tell they were pretty new to the Camp training scene. Yeah, she was no weapons mastermind, but she was well trained, and wielding Roman weapons were no new thing to her, considering her training schedule. She had spent an extra hour assisting the young kid with his sword work, but from the looks of it, the work paid off, and it did her some additional exercise benefit. The only thing that was problematic was how the extra hour cut into what was usually her time to nap or do whatever she pleased for that day. Then again, she didn’t really do all that much during that timeframe. Despite her willingness to meet new people, she hadn’t really had much time to do so.

Instead of taking the full time to shower, Adri merely patted her forehead dry with a white plush towel, and groomed her hair. Her scrunchy-held ponytail was definitely frazzled, which was kind of bothersome in its own right. Adri from time to time even considered cutting her hair short, in favor of keeping her luscious and thick brown curls. There were definitely a lot of people around, so many to meet and see, just to familiarize herself with. Yeah, she may have been outgoing, but she didn’t quite make friends with everyone that came her way. If she conflicted with someone, she typically knew right away. Even knowing just who to avoid would have been helpful as well. Adri slipped on a pair of grey converse shoes, a Sex Pistols t-shirt, and a pair of jean shorts. Relatively casual. Then again, Adri rarely ever dressed up, and the most formal thing she had was a simple black dress, that still fit her from years ago, which she had bought for her mother’s funeral. That just stayed in her closet though, no use in wearing it, even though it probably still fit. Adri didn’t exactly gain much from her younger years, in terms of the height department.

Then there were people that she knew by name, but never talked to much yet. During much of her time at the old camp, she managed to lay low, usually only spoken to for when she was doing good at something. She didn’t really like to cause problems, not worth the trouble, even though the fact that she was incredibly strong willed managed to cause a lot of problems. Adri aimlessly wandered around the camp grounds, looking out and around at her settings, just taking a moment to let herself relax. It was quite the setting, there were very few people around, most off doing there own things. Well, it made sense, most Romans did keep to a schedule. Adri did too, except for hers ended up being wonky for the day. She had a long, very training extensive but pasta-lacking day. That was, until she stopped in front of a somewhat familiar building, the Principia. She hadn’t really been in there since she went to get assigned to her cohort. Surely there would be someone in there, right?

Adri entered the building, shutting the door behind her. Adri just looked around for a moment, taking in the setting to see if there was anyone there, and sure enough, there was. She had definitely seen the man before, it would have been hard not to with his purple hair. Well, that, and the fact that he was a praetor, if she was correct. Usually she was correct, Adri absolutely despised being wrong. Nor would she ever admit that she was wrong, but those stories could fill up their own books.

“Hello”, Adri started, smiling slightly, her lips upturned barely flashing a hint of her pearly white smile, her ponytail of brown ringlets bouncing slightly. It was more of a casual greeting for what should have been a formal introduction, but hopefully the man didn’t mind it. “Just stopping by for a bit”, Adri added. “Kind of wanted to get to know the guy in charge, hope that’s alright with you, sir.” Quite an informal greeting for someone who Adri presumed to be formal, but then again, Adri found it better to introduce herself as she was. She wasn’t going to make a lie on who she was to try and gain first-impression favors over superior. That was just pathetic.
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Re: she's up all night to the sun // elijah

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:09 pm

Paperwork was pretty much Elijah's least favorite thing about being a Praetor.  Every morning he hoped for a lighter load, and sometimes he got it...but sometimes he didn't.  There was always so much to go through for the Legion- morning and evening muster statements, reports on issues around camp, write ups on Legionnaires, even some reports about Greek and Roman relations at times.  For someone who got as fidgety and frustrated as the boy did, paperwork was hell.  But it was all a part of the job, something that Elijah had resigned himself to long ago.  At this point, things weren't super easy anyway...ever since Jack had left for Manhattan, the small boy was feeling the strain of his fiancé not being around.  His sleep was suffering again, something the older man had fixed miraculously with all the nights he spent in the Principia.  With that, the boy's concentration was slipping...he often felt himself dozing off in the main room of the Principia, or would wake up with his head on the table, not even sure when he had fallen asleep at all.  And of course, the son of Discordia just really missed his fiancé.  They talked every day with the cell phone Jack had sent, but it wasn't the same.

It was a relief that River was still there...Elijah's best friend was definitely a life saver.  He wasn't entirely sure he would be able to hold on to his sanity without her.  For as overly-emotional as the boy got, his best friend kept a cool head, staying logical in the face of the boy's chaos.  This was definitely something the boy needed, as otherwise things would get too intense.  Small miracles and all.  With a soft sigh, the boy looked at the paper in front of him...a report of an argument from the Second Cohort over stealing an expensive bottle of nail polish.  Sometimes, Elijah didn't understand the insane pettiness some people fed in to.  It was just nail polish...there was no need to pull out weapons over it.  But that was the sort of thing he often saw in reports...stealing, arguing, two people not seeing eye to eye and not being able to work it out.  A lot of that seemed to stupid to the boy...nothing like that should require a report to a Praetor.  Romans were just too vicious at times.

Elijah looked over the report, blinking back a wave of tiredness.  He pushed his glasses up his nose and twisted his engagement ring around a bit.  It was still sort of hard to believe that he and Jack were engaged.  Of course, the disbelief was still in a good way.  The son of Venus had proposed before leaving for the city, with a simple iron band he had made himself.  Elijah didn't need a diamond...he thought the dented band was perfect.  And it was nice to have that with Jack not at camp anymore.  They were apart...but apart and fiancé's.  The ring got Elijah through...especially the long hours sitting in the main room of the Principia.  He had the man with him in that respect...and he was eternally grateful.

Mind wandering, Elijah thought about getting to call Jack later.  The two's nightly phone conversations were something the boy always looked forward to, even if sometimes he got sort of sad talking to the other without getting to see him.  After the boy's attempt at an Iris Message that didn't work out too well, phones were more convenient anyway.  That didn't mean he missed his fiancé's face any less.  He just had to shut his eyes tight and imagine Jack there while they talked on the phone.  The son of Venus had sent some pictures via the phone, but the old flip phone didn't necessarily have a good screen for pictures.  It was something, of course, though Elijah constantly wished for more.  In the background, the boy heard the door of the Principia opening and closing...he was going to ignore it, but then remembered he was still present there and had to do his job.  He sighed softly, grounding himself to see a girl before him.

It was rare to just get...visitors in the Principia.  But it seemed that was why this girl was here.  "Hello," Elijah smiled.  "Just fine...I enjoy someone just stopping in...most people that come through have some sort of problem that needs fixing," another part of the job.  If someone had told pre-camp Elijah that he'd end up with a leadership role like this, he would have laughed in their face.  "And no need to call me 'sir'.  I usually prefer to be 'Praetor Emmanual' when I'm in the Principia, but since you don't have an issue...just call me Elijah.  It's easier that way," quite the opposite from Calix, the son of Discordia wasn't really one for formality.  It definitely made him feel sort of awkward.  Looking at the girl, Elijah tried to remember the girl's name.  "Legionnaire Adrienné Belmonte, correct?" Gods, that would be embarrassing if he was wrong.  But he supposed it happened...and he was pretty sure he was right, anyway.


Thank you to all the Hillywood, so honored! <3
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