Plots with Mi(sa)... ;)

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Plots with Mi(sa)... ;)

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:08 pm

Misael Campos

21 || Straight || Single
Son of Athena

Short Character Description:
An old school camper, like we're talking years and years ago, Misael is coming back from having just gotten his college degree. He's definitely confident in his role as a demigod, and some might even say he's arrogant—a typical son of Athena. He's going to be confused by the Romans, not knowing they even exist, and all of the changes at camp will throw him for a loop too. Still, he won't let it show, and he's going to be walking around like he's hot stuff for a while. Deep down, he's just really excited to be back at camp, and he hopes all of his old friends are still around.

Desired plots:
~Friends (old and new)
~little brother/sister relationship - Misa's older than most, so he might take a newbie or two under his wing.

Anything else?
If you have a fun plot, send me a PM. I am always willing to try new things if the plot is good.


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