Introduction to Plot Pages (includes template)

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Introduction to Plot Pages (includes template)

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:28 pm

Welcome to the plot pages!
This is a place where you can look up a few details about a character or post the plots you desire to have.
Naturally, there are a few rules...

~You are allowed to create your OWN thread with BOTH of your characters (if applicable)
~Include the name(s) of the character(s) in the title of your plot page.
~Each plot page shall have the first names of the character templates to be found in there as name. (Example: Lúthien, Sephrenia, Calix, Cara, Ben Morton, Hades, Riley, Hermes) In case of common names, both first and last names will be listed to clarify.
~You are allowed to bump (reactive) your thread after an update has been installed so people can see the updates.
~You can post in any plot page you wish to post in. Your characters are just stored in one particular place.

It might see like a lot but most of it is fairy standard stuff. If there are any questions, please post them below.

Now, as for the template, it's easy to fill in and you can make as fancy as you like by adjusting fonts and colour, as long as the required information is in it.
As for the picture, if you go to google, it has the option of searching an exact size. Just enter 200x200 and find a picture you like! (Or go bug a graphics artist, lol)

(feel free to fancy it up a bit, go wild with colours but keep the fields the same.
[b]Character name[/b]
Picture (size 200x200)
Age || Sexual preference || Relationship status
[i]Title [/i](Demigods put son/daughter of, Gods can put God of, different species than the usual can put their species here)

[u][b]Short Character Description:[/b][/u]
[insert description here]

[u][b]Desired plots:[/b][/u]
~List all the wanted plots
~Just like this.

[u][b]Anything else?[/b][/u]
[insert anything else here]

Sephrenia Sparhawk

14 || Straight || Single but has her eye on somebody.
Daughter of Morpheus

Short Character Description:
Sephrenia is a fun loving girl who spends most of her time dreaming. She's recently lost her family and camp is now her new family. She's extremely fond of tea and white dresses. Sephrenia is anything but judgemental and believes in the good of everybody. She's unlikely to ever see anybody as an enemy.

Desired Plots:
~Sephrenia needs some people to help with nightmares and other dream-related issues.
~Sephrenia needs a best friend who can put her feet on the ground when needed.

Anything else:
Any other plottage idea's are welcome!


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Re: Introduction to Plot Pages (includes template)

Post by Jack Emmanual-Wheelan on Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:44 pm

Whee! Thank you, guys! You're great! *huggles the mods and admins and runs off to make her thread*
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