Who Needs a Babysitter? ((Lúthien & Míriel))

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Who Needs a Babysitter? ((Lúthien & Míriel)) Empty Who Needs a Babysitter? ((Lúthien & Míriel))

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:31 pm

Sienna hated filing incident reports. For one, it meant having to take the time to stop, assess the situation, and then fill out a piece of paper saying the incident happened. And then that paper went to the praetors, who had to take time out of their busy day to file it. Sometimes the legionnaire in question got punished, and sometimes they didn’t (which, in Sienna’s opinion, made the whole thing pointless). But honestly, it was even worse when she didn’t know who was responsible for whatever trouble had occurred. Because at that point, the whole cycle happened, and nobody got punished for it. Sienna would have to clean up the mess, tell off all the members of her cohort (as there was no specific culprit), then continue living on her daily life until it happened again.

So that was the background behind the reason Sienna groaned upon discovering a large puddle of mystery liquid on the floor in her barracks. Most likely someone had spilled their drink and left it there, but that still left a big mess. None of the legionnaires were here, which meant Sienna couldn’t order a couple to grab a towel and clean up the mess…which meant that was going to have to be her job. And then she was going to have to report this, and begin the whole meaningless cycle of filing an incident. Maybe she’d just keep this one quiet. Clean up the mess, and pray it doesn’t happen again. The daughter of Venus didn’t want to have to be the centurion that was constantly reporting things, nor did she like confronting whoever was responsible for the mess of the day. Honestly, what would help more than an incident report would be to hire a babysitter. Maybe Sienna could persuade Lúthien to give a stern talk to her legionnaires. The daughter of Discordia gave off a no-nonsense aura, and legionnaires knew better than to misbehave around her.

In fact, Sienna felt like she remembered hearing something about Lúth babysitting at some point. It had been many months ago, but…the girl could recall running into a young girl. The conversation hadn’t lasted at all, as the other girl had run off soon enough, but Sienna had gotten her name and cohort. And possibly something to do with Lúthien too. The married centurion probably wasn’t the best to ask about this, considering the still-occurring gaps in her memory, but the girl-Míriel-probably still recognized her. Besides, now that Sienna had gotten the idea in her head, she had to see where it went. It couldn’t be too hard to get the two together, right? And then either something happens and the two reconnect…or Sienna needs to find a way to explain her rush to get Lúth to see the young girl in the second cohort.

Well, it couldn’t hurt to try, right? Without further ado, Sienna quickly threw a towel on the large puddle (she’d let it soak or something before she cleans it up), washed her hands (seeing the mysterious brown liquid on the floor was disgusting), and left the barracks promptly. Sienna started out walking to the barracks next door to the Fourth’s, and poked her head in. Nobody was in, so the girl turned back around towards the Principia. If Lúthien still wasn’t there, Calix probably would be and he would probably know where his wife was. As she walked, Sienna tied her hair back into a ponytail and kicked a rock along the ground. She kept a brisk pace; it was too hot outside for her to just meander around (then again, Sienna always found summers in New York too hot). Camp Jupiter hadn’t expanded or upgraded since the girl had found the camp again, so it didn’t take long to come upon the large building where the Praetors worked and lived.

“Lúth, please tell me you’re in here,” Sienna mumbled to herself as she slid in through the open door. Her eyes traveled around before coming to a familiar figure. “Lúthien! I have a surprise for you.” Sienna beamed, walking towards the other end of the Principia. She stopped, and started lightly bouncing on the tips of her feet. She was impatient to go to the barracks of the second cohort and see if the two knew each other.

((I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this, but the barracks seemed a safe guess))


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