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Post by Will Solace on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:50 pm

River packed her few belongings into her duffel bag, surprised at how little she had amassed over her time at Camp Jupiter. With the exception of a few extra t-shirts, the crystal necklace from her mother, and her recently acquired dagger, she had nothing that she hadn’t come to camp with a little over a year ago. On the one hand, it was a bit shocking that she needed so little to get by. On the other, it was rather impressive. Stuffing the letter from her father down into the side of the bag, she zipped it up and slung it over her shoulder. Taking one last look around what had been her barrack since the arrival at Camp Half-Blood, she turned on her heel and headed out.

Honestly, moving into a new barrack wasn’t that big of a deal. It just meant that she finally had a permanent place that she belonged. It meant she had been claimed by her mother, she had been claimed by a cohort, and she was now a full-fledged, permanent member of the Roman Legion. It felt good, knowing there was no denying her heritage now. She belonged somewhere, she had answers to her questions, she was a part of something. She was no longer that girl who bounced around, looking for a place to fit in. River wandered towards the barracks of the Second Cohort, the happy feelings carrying her high.

Arriving at the door, she pushed it open, surprised to see it empty. She knew there were other people in the Second Cohort, but she had no idea where any of them were. River hoped they wouldn’t mind if she just chose a bunk and unpacked her stuff. Doing just that, she dumped her duffel bag down on one of the mattresses, pulled back the zipper, and began taking out her belongings. She stuffed them away in the drawers beside the bed, then sat down, wondering if and when anybody would come in to say hello.

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