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Rayan Saab, romantic interest Empty Rayan Saab, romantic interest

Post by Charlie Fairley on Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:38 pm

Rayan Saab
Rayan Saab, romantic interest Tumblr_inline_nxcuu6rkXp1qbgcyi_500
Suggested PB: Zayn Malik -- I know he's 'overused' so this is negotiable if you can find an alternative FC from the same ethnicity with a 'bad boy' vibe. 

Age: 18-21, I'm flexible about this
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Greek/Roman (you choose)

In the summer of 2016, Charlie spent two months in London in order to get to know her grandparents' hometown. During her stay in London, she met Rayan and they dated even if she had a boyfriend back in LA. A week before Charlie's return to LA, she told him about her boyfriend, which resulted in Rayan angrily breaking up with her. I would love for them to meet again and realise they still have unresolved romantic tension, especially since Charlie's currently single.

As for his backstory? Well, if you're interested in RPing as Rayan, this is something we can build together.

Bad boy with an artistic, sensitive soul. The sort to cause or get in trouble. 

Relationship with requesting char:
Ex-boyfriend, still in love with each other

If Roman, it might be better if he's a returning camper.

Rayan Saab, romantic interest LlLvo5l
Other characters: Reiko Kaiou & Emilia Song-Caro
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