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Post by Will Solace on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:26 pm

This is going to be very loose and messy. †Please forgive me for that. †I also apologize if the photos are grainy. †My eyes still arenít healed enough to tell that very well.

Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo, Boyfriend 11ryvyu † †| † †Nico di Angelo, Boyfriend 16bg6mu
Suggested PB: A very brief search provided Alexander Gould (the first picture there) and Tony Revolori (the second picture), but Iím certainly open to other suggestions.

Age: 14-15 (I can be a bit flexible on this. †HBH isnít too clear about how the timeline matches with the books, but I made Will 16. †I think Nico is a year or two younger.)
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Greek

I honestly have no specific plotline in mind. †I just think Will and Nico are adorable in the books. †The way they bicker and fight, but you can tell theyíre truly in loveÖ †I just want to play with that kind of cuteness.

Oh, I lied. †After writing the bit about Nicoís personality, I do have an idea. †I imagine Nico has a lot of nightmares about his time in Tartarus. †I highly doubt he has it in him to describe the nightmares (I certainly wouldnít want to), but I think it would be a deep, emotional, challenging thread to write about Will trying to help him through one of his bad nights.

Itís Nico di Angelo. †Heís a canon character. †Do I really need to describe his character? †If so, dark, brooding child of Hades. †Heís seen a lot of crap in his lifetime, but heís learning how to make friends and be open to people.

Relationship with requesting character:
I just want Will to have his boyfriend to play with. †You canít tell me you arenít dying to see that on the boards.

I realize this is a really poor want ad, but Iím not sure what else to put. †At this point, just imagine me begging on my knees. †ďSomebody please pick up Nico for Willís sake!Ē

I thought of something else. Nico is originally described as having black hair, dark eyes, and an olive complexion, but by the end of Heroes of Olympus, it's said that he has become deathly pale and exceptionally skinny as a result of his traumas and all his time in the Underworld. I realize Mr. Tony Revolori does not have that pale, skinny look. He's closer to olive complexion. I have a headcanon that Nico slowly begins to regain his color and weight as he finds more love and support at camp, and learns to spend time with the living.

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