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Wake and bake? // Izzy Empty Wake and bake? // Izzy

Post by Adrienné Belmonte on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:14 am

They had been tossing and turning since they had woken up with a jolt, sharp pains igniting in the pits of their stomach. Last they had checked it was passed twelve, they should have surely been asleep, yet the strongest barrier between Adri and their dainty little beauty rest was the sweet memory of pasta lingering on their tongue, only intensifying the drawn out cries for help in their intestines. It had been too long since they had eaten... They'd accidentally slept through dinner, exhausted to the point of napping since three after a particularly intensive personal training session. They weren't exactly known for understanding their limits... Perhaps going for something physically intensive since noon was far too much, but they had no intention of slowing down until someone pointed out their exhaustion.

Adri decided to travel down to the kitchens, wrapping tight in a red sports coat before they exited the barracks, for the chill of the nights of New York were a familiar enemy this time of year. Any other place and perhaps the ground would be glossed over in a sheen of white, yet Adri had little care for the snow. It lost its appeal quick after the first snowfall of the season, once a year was enough to ignite the bliss of winter in their spirit, until they realized just how much of a nuisance it was to shovel it away or skid across the sidewalk and collapse over themselves in a flurry heap. Snow was not a forgiving vessel for clumsiness.

The only thing coming between their dreams of paradise smothered in marinara sauce…. A padlock?! This would never do, no no no! Their stomach would be convulsing by dawn. Perhaps they were exaggerating ( severely, though they would never admit that ), they needed a solution quick, and as far as they knew, there was only one person who could crack such a code without having to resort to asking for help from a Graecus. They would never stoop so low as to rescind their dignity like that.

They slipped into the barracks of the Fourth Cohort, making sure they closed the door behind them as quietly as possible. There was no intention to stir an entire cohort of Roman soldiers dozed off after a day of training, that and Adri had no intentions on getting written up again. Back in California, Adri had the tendency to get marked for every minor infraction, though they’d like to think they had simmered down quite a deal since their rambunctious youth. Eyes scanning for a certain head of onyx hair, they found who was their little target per se, a son of Mercury himself. If there was anyone who would be able to assist them in their relentless of a cure to the midnight munchies, it would be him.

“Psst. Izzyyy… Wakey wakey, the power of spaghetti compels you”, They said, the words making themselves in a hushed whisper. They shook once again, not bothering to check if the boy had stirred from his slumber. “Rise and shine, I’ve got pasta that’s got to be boiled before daybreak and snoozers can only be losers”, they chirped, taking a glance around the barracks as to make sure the rest of the cohort was still sound asleep in their bunks.
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Wake and bake? // Izzy Empty Re: Wake and bake? // Izzy

Post by Izzy Abney on Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:43 pm

In the mortal world, Izzy always had trouble sleeping.  His therapist had suggested it was related to his depression, and had prescribed him pills.  When the boy had arrived at camp, nearly a year and a half ago, he obviously didn't have the pills, yet he found he had no need for them.  Sleeping at camp was easier than in the mortal world, though he had no clue why.  In fact, he had thought it would be a lot harder.  The last time the boy had had to share a room with someone was in the orphanage, which he barely remembered.  Cody and Julia had adopted him shortly before he turned six, and since then, the son of Mercury had had his own space.  The barracks were certainly not his own space.  It wasn't like there were a ton of people in the Fourth Cohort, but enough.  Besides, living in the same space with people meant hearing them sleep.  The deep breathing, snoring, mumblings...Izzy had adapted to it quite quickly, though he never anticipated he would.

Something left over from the mortal world was Izzy's night routine.  He had adapted it as best he could to how things were run at camp...and had succeeded quite well.  A sleep time routine was something he had learned from his therapist as well...it was supposed to help with the insomnia.  The boy couldn't tell either way, but he liked the whole thing, so he continued it at camp.  By the time Sienna called 'lights out', the boy found himself ready for sleep.  He'd get into his preferred position and meditated until he fell asleep.  It worked, and Izzy was truly sleeping better than he had before arriving at camp.  Who knew that was what it would take?  At this point, he liked hearing others in the room.  There was something nice about it...he wondered if it had something to do with knowing he wasn't alone.  The Brit had spent a long time being alone...and having friends certainly helped, but not being alone in the dark and quiet helped too.

Sleeping through the night was usual these days.  Izzy had been at Camp Jupiter 2.0 for nearly a year and a half now, and it was still a marvel at times.  That night was no different from usual.  The Brit went through his routine, got comfy when Sienna called 'lights out', and shut his eyes, concentrating on his breathing.  Meditating came naturally by now...at first it had been a bit difficult, since there were so many other people breathing around him, but the boy had figured out how to block all that out.  He concentrated, he did what he always did.  All the other noises of the barrack faded into the background, and in no time, Izzy was asleep.

He didn't know what time it was, but Izzy found himself being shaken awake.  Eyes opening halfway, the boy found himself staring at his dear friend Adri.  Blinking rapidly, the boy tried to figure out what they were saying.  "Spaghetti...compels me?" this had to just be a really weird dream.  "I don't want spaghetti, Adri," he mumbled.  Before he could turn over and get over this ridiculous dream, the son of Mercury's friend was shaking him again.  What the bloody hell were they talking about?  Spaghetti?  No, no, this was just a dream.  "No pasta, Adri," his eyelids started fluttering shut again...dream Adri would go away as soon as he managed to get through this strange dream.  It would be a laugh in the morning, when he caught them at breakfast and told them about it.  The two would have a laugh over it...because, seriously, this dream was a trip.  Something hit Izzy all of a sudden.  What if this wasn't a dream?  What if Adri was actually there, in his barrack?  Potentially waking up the entire Fourth Cohort?

Izzy let out a soft groan.  Adri was there alright.  There was no way he could dream this up.  “Adri…are you out of your damn mind?” he sighed, swinging his legs around the side of his bed and sitting up.  Grabbing a sweatshirt from the foot of his bed, the boy pulled it on.  "Why do you need spaghetti so damn bad at...whatever absurd hour it is?  And why do you need me to get the spaghetti?" as his words fell, Izzy knew exactly why his friend needed him.  The boy had the rare ability of being able to open locks simply by clicking all the gears inside to the right position with a touch.  It was something that came along with being a child of Mercury, though few of them had the ability.  "I guess you need me to get into the kitchen," he sighed.  Weighing his options, the boy knew what he had to do.  Adri wasn't going to leave him alone...it was something he had learned his friend was like.  "Fine.  Let me get ready.  And you owe me so bad," a midnight adventure could be something...though really, Izzy just wanted to be back asleep.
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