Centerpieces? How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L]

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Centerpieces?  How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L] Empty Centerpieces? How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L]

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:31 pm

With his wedding day quickly approaching, Elijah was finding more and more stuff to freak out about.  He was beginning to think it was no wonder people hired professional wedding planners.  There was the ceremony, of course...a very small amount of people gathering for that.  That was the easy part.  The reception was the tricky part.  The two men had decided to open that part to all Romans.  After all, the two of them were leaders in the Roman Legion.  And the Legion needed to be a part of the wedding, even if not the ceremony.  There was food to worry about- Jack was in a catering frenzy.  There were tables.  And tables needed centerpieces.  There was figuring out a playlist, and getting it onto Jack's battered iPod.  And there was...oh fuck, what was Elijah forgetting this time?  Every moment, the man was sure he was forgetting something.

That day, Elijah had picked up his suit from the tailor.  He still felt silly in it, but it was his wasn't like he could get married in a tight button down and tight jeans...which was all he owned.  He couldn't even get away with nice slacks.  For as unorthodox as this all was, Elijah wanted to do right by him and his soon to be husband.  That meant wearing the damn suit.  As the son of Discordia laid it out on his bed, he sighed.  He supposed it wasn't that bad.  River had been with him when he got it fitted, and she swore it looked good on him.  The man knew his best friend wouldn't say that if it wasn't true.  And he was pretty sure Jack would love it, too.  Though in all fairness, Elijah's fiancé found a thing to like about everything the younger man wore.  Elijah ran his fingers over the collar.  The tie that was attached to the hangar.  It was a very nice suit.  The man's best friend had done a great job with that part.  Other than Jack, River was who Elijah trusted most for an honest opinion.  And obviously the man's fiancé couldn't see his suit before the wedding day.  He had to make sure to get a not see through garment bag just for that reason.  Gods knew Jack was in Elijah's room- and his closest- enough.

Another look over his suit brought a wave of panic to Elijah's stomach.  He had been so concerned about the suit and the shoes that pinched his toes that he hadn't thought about anything else.  Obviously the man was going to wear his necklace from Jack with all the handmade charms!  Despite how good he was with it, Elijah was finding himself...stumped this time around.  He was beginning to think he needed some help with that one.  Find someone with a good eye.  Someone the man could try on his suit with and go through styles of makeup and all.  The son of Discordia figured that would help more than him doing it himself.  He could stand in front of the mirror and try, but the man knew what he really needed was an objective eye.

But who to go to?  Obviously not Jack.  Elijah wanted everything appearance-wise to be a surprise for his fiancé.  River?  Nah...the man knew his best friend wouldn't be much help with makeup, even though she had been great with the suit.  It just wasn't her thing...Elijah could just imagine it...sure, that one looks good, too...they'd get nowhere.  River was out.  Who else?  The man frowned slightly...before the lightbulb lit up.  He could ask Sienna!  The daughter of Venus could surely help with that piece of things.  With a new sense of vigor, and a happiness that he was on good terms with the woman by now, Elijah put his suit carefully back in the garment bag, grabbed his messenger bag and rushed out of the Principia.  Of course, he had no idea if Sienna was in her barrack at the moment, but the frenzied excitement dictated that he needed to check.

Rushing over, but being careful not to drag the suit or anything, Elijah made his way to the Fourth Cohort barrack.  Excitedly, he pushed open the door, waiting a moment for his eyes to adjust to the lighting change from outside to inside.  The man looked around, not seeing anyone.  "Damn," he mumbled...before spotting someone in the back...and just who he was looking for!  "Sienna!" Elijah called to his soon to be sister-in-law.  "Thank the Gods!" he exclaimed dramatically.  Sure, he still had a month until his wedding, but he wanted this to go on his 'not to worry about' list.  "I was hoping you could help me with something," he said hopefully.  "More wedding stuff...I really need this..." Elijah smiled, holding up the garment bag and not even processing that meant nothing to the woman.  "I need someone for the makeup decision.  Think you can help?"

Centerpieces?  How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L] Temp1_zps4uoqsnhq

Centerpieces?  How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L] Weddinganimated_zpspm5isqdp
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Centerpieces?  How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L] Empty Re: Centerpieces? How About The Details! ((Sienna Linslee)) [PG-13: L]

Post by Sienna Linslee on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:31 pm

Si gave a small huff as she finally set the scissors down. She’d been working on this project for days now, although it should only have taken a few hours. Still, between all the distractions of her Centurion duties and maintaining an active social life, Si was hard-pressed for time. Not to mention that she was a very active daydreamer, and lately all she could think about was her brother’s impending wedding. That topic was a can of worms, however, so Si set it aside and admired the chore wheel she’d finished assembling. Yes, the Fourth Cohort already had a schedule for chores, and Si kept it updated so that duties shifted regularly and everybody, including herself, did all the chores at some point or another. But that was just a piece of paper, and Si’s creative spirit couldn’t settle for that. So, she’d assembled an actual rotating wheel with two sections: one with the chores, of course, and the other with active cohort members. The wheel was nicely decorated, built of colored construction paper and decorated with little drawings and other things here and there. She pinned the newly-constructed wheel on the board near the door, where announcements, guard duty rotations, and other important news for the legionnaires was left.

That was the end of her enjoyable creative section, however, and Si quickly retired to the back of the barracks to work on the thick stack of paperwork she’d been dutifully ignoring for the last day. But, she no longer had any viable excuse for ignoring it, so she sat down and began sorting through citations and updating her folders on the legionnaires. There were odd bits here and there that needed to be filled out, but Si had recently collected a list of allergies and she started there, noting each legionnaire’s individual ones and their severity. As she worked, Si did her best to ignore the beautiful day and the sunlight streaming through the windows. She could hear the bustle of Camp Jupiter outside, but knowing what best distracted her kept her motivated to ignore the outside world or she’d really never get this done.

Still, the paperwork was boring and Si quickly found her mind wandering again. To nobody’s surprise, Jack and Elijah’s wedding floated to the forefront of her mind and Si began picturing different layouts and floral arrangements. Of course, Elijah likely had everything well in hand, and Si had no doubt that he was going crazy (in the good way) over the wedding planning. But the daughter of Venus loved weddings and she loved thinking about them. They were a time in which you could dress in high fashion, and be surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful people, and of course, beautiful love. She had no doubt everything would be amazing, and the girl eventually stopped writing in favor of looking out the nearest window and wondering what Elijah and Jack were planning to wear. Or, for that matter, what she would be wearing. As a daughter of Venus, she held herself to the highest standards and she would need to look nothing less of perfect. That didn’t happen effortlessly. At this point, Si was decently distracted. Enough so that the door slamming open didn’t originally register to her, and it took a moment longer before she realized it was Elijah who was calling her name and giving an enthusiastic greeting. Stretching languidly before getting up, Si cracked a smile. “I like it. People should thank the gods when they see me more often,” she responded, adding a wink.

She glanced over Elijah quickly, and it didn’t take a genius to see how the praetor was frazzled. As the boy continued to talk in disjointed sentences while holding a garment bag, Si closed the distance between them and moved to put her hands on his shoulders. “Okay, take a breath. And then another one.” While she waited for Elijah to comply, Sienna looked over everything. Her face broke out into a grin as the dots finally began to connect. “You’ve absolutely come to the right place for that!” Si gingerly took the garment bag and moved past Elijah to move towards her bunk. Carefully laying what she guessed to be Elijah’s suit on her bed, Si opened her trunk and pulled out her copious supplies of makeup. Some of it came in the form of gifts (Calla was always good to her when it came to makeup), and some because Si just loved looking good. Regardless, Si began to pull out samples of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and anything she considered relevant (which, let’s be honest, meant just about everything). “Oh, this is so exciting!” Si squealed, motioning for Elijah to come closer. “Okay, I need details. Let’s start with details on your moisturizing routine, and oh of course, I need to see the suit!” Si accompanied her words with rearranging her various tubes, tubs, and palettes in order to make room on the bed. Oh, how she does love weddings.
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