Meeting the Augur ((Ronnie))

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Meeting the Augur ((Ronnie)) Empty Meeting the Augur ((Ronnie))

Post by Violet Clarke on Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:35 am

A beautiful day was winding to a close, and with that, Violet Clarke found herself floating back towards the barracks. She'd been out in the sun all day, spending time with friends, taking part in camp activities, making memories. She really had come to the stage where she felt like she belonged here. When she'd first arrived at camp, she felt like a complete outsider. Her first night in the fourth cohort had been distressingly uncomfortable. She'd had to sleep around a bunch of people she'd never even spoken to. It had taken over a week for her to properly start talking to people. For that, she was thankful to her friend Izzy. She and the son of Mercury were so close. They'd made it this far in camp simply because they had each other, and themselves, to rely on.

Violet had found herself making more friends lately, though few of them were in her cohort. She'd need to work on that. She was envious of the Greeks, who stayed with their siblings. She was sure that must have been easier. To live with family. But thankfully, she'd become a little more comfortable in her living space. She arrived at the barracks and made her way to her bed. She'd done what she could to make her little space as personalised as possible. On her dresser, she'd hung up a couple of her paintings, and on the little table next to her bed, she'd placed a framed photograph of her dad, in his full army uniform, standing with his squad.

She smiled as she held the photo in her hands, wondering how her father was doing. She thought back to her time in Maine, when he'd come back from his time at the army to spend time with her. They'd done all sorts of things, from bowling to going to shooting ranges. She placed the photograph back down, hoping he was staying safe.

Violet pulled off her leather jacket, hanging it on her dresser before laying down on her bed. She was about to plug in her earphones and listen to some music when she heard someone approaching. Violet straightened up, realising this might be her opportunity to bond with one of her cohort members. She realised she was still wearing her beanie hat, which she shook off her head quickly, fixing her dark hair as the other girl entered. Violet smiled at the entrance to the room. "Hey".

((Sorry it's a little short!))
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