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shake it like a bad girl up in harlem // open Empty shake it like a bad girl up in harlem // open

Post by Adrienné Belmonte on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:08 am

It wasn’t too hot nor too cold, and Adrienné saw this early morning weather as the perfect time to get some morning training time in. She wasn’t planning on getting rusty anytime soon. Even when she was in New York City, she kept up with it, or at least attempted to. They weren’t the richest of people, and finding a place that would let her train was difficult, because most of them were exclusive and expensive, and she wasn’t going to just pick a street fight for training. That would just be rude and uncalled for, and she wasn’t a bully. Upon arrival to the Arena, Adrienné took a quick glance around, finding there to be not too many others around her. Not that she minded, she was good with people and talking to them, and a buddy would have been nice to have. She didn’t bother with armor, instead opting to train in her athletic wear, which were a set of black tight clothes. Besides, who didn’t want to kick ass in yoga pants?

Adrienné took her first jab at the dummy, a strong strike which thrust her spear forward, impaling the mass of straw straight through the gut. Instead of pulling her spear from the mangled straw dummy, she pulled it back in preparation to thrust it outwards, sending the dummy toppling over. She had learned this technique early on when she began working with a spear in lieu of the standard sword, though that wasn't to say she was bad at a sword. After all, working with the legion for many years made being bad with weapons rather difficult. The weak were looked down on, and Adrienné wouldn’t consider herself weak by any stretch of the imagination. Judging the girl by her short stature and bigger form would have been a mistake. After all, she had learned a technique of her own that made fighting an opponent with a lot more mass easier. It was more security to her than anything, it made her feel better to take charge and know she had a chance against someone without having to worry about something she couldn’t change about herself.

Adrienné set the dummy upright again, the rift in its midsection spilling straw onto the Arena floor beneath her feet, a mess she’d be responsible to clean up for later. Her spear was held at her side, the tip facing the ground and the body was gripped tight in her hand for holding, unlike the loose grip she held on it when it was in use, a grip that allowed it more flexibility and movement while still held in her grasp. Before she could prepare to start over again with another technique, Adrienné turned around, noticing there was someone else near her.
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