The Boy With The Thorn In His Side ((Andrew Tremaine)) [PG-13: L, A, S]

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The Boy With The Thorn In His Side ((Andrew Tremaine)) [PG-13: L, A, S] Empty The Boy With The Thorn In His Side ((Andrew Tremaine)) [PG-13: L, A, S]

Post by Izzy Abney on Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:03 pm

It had been a few days since Izzy had awoken on the beach in Andrew's arms and in an awkward predicament. And while his friend was acting as if the whole thing had never happened, Izzy was having a hard time forgetting it. He was getting standoffish with the other man, even moody at times.  It wasn't that the boy was behaving that way intentionally, it was just sort of the emotional state he was in.  The worst part was that nagging in the back of his mind...if he kept acting like this, he knew he was going to lose Andrew entirely, something that scared him to death.  And that was really the biggest problem...Izzy knew what the consequences to all this were, and he still couldn't control the way he was acting.  Even the fact that the boy had lost control of his emotions terrified him.  That wasn't like him...the boy always had complete control.  But he was falling hard and fast for his best friend, despite the fact he had no chance...that morning on the had happened, and now Izzy was feeling even worse for it.

So Izzy was trying to separate himself.  And as hard as he tried to act normal around Andrew, he knew he was failing spectacularly.  He was glum and reserved, and every time the other man tried to touch him or did touch him, Izzy recoiled, often quite violently.  It had to be completely obvious that something was wrong...the grandson of Ceres had to know something was going on.  He certainly wasn't an idiot, though Izzy wished he knew what was going on in his head.  The way he saw it, it shouldn't be too hard to guess what that something was, though there was always the possibility that it wasn't as obvious as the boy thought it was.  Right now, the boy knew he had to suck it up...or at least try really hard.  If he kept up his attitude, Andrew would his head, it was simple as that, no matter how much the older boy had assured Izzy he never would.  The circumstances had least, the boy was pretty sure they had.  There had never been a time where Izzy wished he was decent with social and emotional stuff more.

The Fourth Cohort barrack was empty aside from the angst filled boy.  Izzy was currently laying in his bed, staring up at the bottom of the bunk above him.  Just that, laying and staring, trying to sort through everything in his head.  His thoughts were racing, and there was currently no way the boy could get them to stop.  There was a tiny light of logic amidst all the roller coaster emotions...just talk to him, it said.  If the boy could just bring himself to talk to his best friend, maybe he could get over it all.  They could clear the air about how they had woken up on the sound, Izzy could confess his feelings (and assure his friend he was working on getting over them), and the boy could promise that he'd be fine and back to normal in no time.  If they talked about all of it, it would be out there.  Izzy would get it off his chest, and Andrew would understand because he was Andrew, and that was how he was.  But that would never happen, because the boy was too much of a coward to initiate conversation.  Perhaps the older boy would, but given how the past few days had gone, Izzy was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen.

Izzy reached up, resting his hand on the bunk above him.  He needed to find a way to ground himself, recharge, pull himself together...but he wasn't even sure how to do that.  It would be a good idea to go out exploring...maybe head over to the arena and attempt to learn to use a weapon better.  Just...get out of the barrack.  Part of the boy really hated himself for how he was wallowing in self pity.  That wasn't normal behavior for the boy, and he shouldn't be letting all this get to him.  It was just a stupid crush, and he was completely losing his head.  But he wasn't good at this...any of this.  Social stuff, romantic was all completely out of Izzy's comfort zone.  That was probably why he was so emotional.  He had no experience in any of this, and so it was all hitting him harder than it should be.  It seemed so unfair that his "second chance" had turned into this.  Maybe it really was time to just go be a hermit.

The door to the barrack opened, and Izzy peeked around the side of his bunk to see who it was...he was definitely hoping for Violet, as he could use a friend right now.  But it wasn't Violet.  It was the one person the boy wanted to see so bad and not at all.  "Andrew," he breathed.  Was this some sort of demented sign?  Izzy wasn't sure, and he wasn't sure he was ready to find out.
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