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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:53 pm

Jude walked into the arena, never having seen it before, it was totally new to him. Although, somehow something was a bit familiar. Not the people or the location, but the structures, it was a lot like the pictures of old Rome his mom used to draw. Jude on his way in, knocked on the pillar nearby, yup it was real hard concrete. He knew for sure he wasn't boxed in his home anymore, he was finally free.

He walked a bit more into the arena and other campers were there practicing their moves. Some he saw had powers, and most were just like him. Simple hack and slashers who barely knew anything about what real combat was like. Jude knew a bit about fighting, but nothing tactical or training educated. He just knew moves he'd seen in movies, and shows. Some campers he could see were ready to take heads off, he didn't pay them much attention. Mostly he was just looking for something to do to get in the swing of things.

He saw some people shooting arrows, it scared him a bit but not because he feared the pain. Mostly it was because of his inexperience, that he feared being on the battle end of one of these campers. He walked over to the training dummies, and decided to practice simple things. He grabbed a nearby spear that hung on the rack. It felt almost right, it had a sharp tip, and it was perfectly rounded down the shaft. He spun the spear once as he'd seen the other campers do, but he was far from natural. he had strength though, he threw the spear and landed it like a dart into the dummy's chest. "Hmm I think this might not be an easy place to practice" he whispered to himself. As he crouched and began stabbing the dummy poke after poke he could tell other campers were looking because he felt like an idiot, and probably looked like one too.


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