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Settling in [Open to all] Empty Settling in [Open to all]

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:40 pm

Jude swung his pack over his shoulder while pushing his hair back, and straightening his posture. Soon after he took his sunglasses off, and placed the arm into his shirt allowing them to hang on his collar. He pulled his jacket sides down, and straightened the wrinkles on it as he stepped into the cohort.

Jude wasn't the type to be shy about anything, and especially wasn't the type to fear acknowledgement. He cleared his throat trying to signal the other residents of the cohorts. "Ahem" he spoke as he had his fist up to his mouth imitating a minor cough. He took a deep breath as first impressions were generally tough, and were known to stick pretty easy to most.

He ran his fingers through his hair once more this time combing it to the side. He looked at the other residents in his new home, and simply flashed a small smirk. He took two fingers and saluted everyone at the cabin from his forehead, and with a loud confident tone and his lungs filled strongly he simply spoke.

"Hi, I'm Jude, new guy, nice to meet ya"


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