Coming home... but not really (Jespice)

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Coming home... but not really (Jespice) Empty Coming home... but not really (Jespice)

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:26 am

Camp Jupiter was home. Camp Jupiter was familiar. Camp Jupiter had no secrets from this legacy legionnaire who had lived at camp for about five years. Camp Jupiter had become a part of him.

And this was not Camp Jupiter.

Strolling into the Roman sector of camp, Andrew looked around and realized that he was starting over. Sure, he’d been around camp a lot as a teenager, but now that camp had moved and most of his campmates had gone off to live lives outside of camp, he really was starting over. No familiar faces walked near him as he made his way through the campers towards what he assumed were the barracks. At least, they looked like a pale imitation of what the barracks had been back in California. Well, that might be a bit harsh, but Andrew was just not having it. Nostalgia and familiarity can warp memories so that they are larger than life, so nothing Andrew saw would likely impress him. After all, New Rome was completely gone, and nothing here could compare with the magnificence of the city.

He was right in finding the barracks, and he looked around for the barracks for his cohort. Fourth cohort might not always be much, but they were his friends and his fellow soldiers. Together, they could do so much more than they could alone. Stepping through the door, he let it swing shut as he looked around the room. It appeared empty, and most of the choice beds were taken. As a senior member of the cohort, he could probably have one of the younger campers move to accommodate him, but he didn’t really feel like being a prick on his first day back. So, he found an open bunk and set his stuff down. Then, he lay down on his bed to relax for a bit. The trip hadn’t been too long, but he wanted some time to think. He would unpack later.

A noise caught his attention, however, just as he was settling down to relax. “Hello?” he called out, sitting up and looking around.


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