You Do Not Have My Attention ((Aaron Forrester))

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You Do Not Have My Attention ((Aaron Forrester)) Empty You Do Not Have My Attention ((Aaron Forrester))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:20 pm

It was one of those mornings where Elijah hadn't wanted to get out of bed.  He had forced Jack to leave his alarm on, since the boy had been falling a bit behind in his work out and training...though a large part of that was the cold weather.  When his alarm had gone off at quarter to six, the boy had tried to ignore it, especially since his boyfriend hadn't been awoken by it.  But Elijah had been trapped under Jack's arm and wasn't able to shut the thing off unless he completely untangled himself from the older boy.  And at that point, it made more sense to just get up anyway.  As he had been getting ready, Elijah kept entertaining thoughts of getting back into bed.  His boyfriend was still fast asleep, looking adorably like a puppy dog.  It was something that the small boy loved about watching Jack...for all the 'sexy' airs that he put on when he was awake, all those walls came crashing down when he was asleep.  The son of Discordia couldn't help himself...of course he loved the older boy during waking hours, but he was the only one who got to see when the son of Venus was like when he was asleep.  It made him wonder what he looked like when all his guards were down like that.  Smiling as he pulled on his running shoes, Elijah lightly ran his fingertips down the side of Jack's face, leaning down to kiss his forehead lightly.  "I love you," he said to the sleeping boy, standing up straight to start the morning off with his run.

Montauk was getting warmer...spring was finally on its way.  The thought alone overjoyed Elijah...the boy was just so small, he didn't do well in the cold.  Even though camp was monumentally warmer than Bridgewater, cold was cold.  And though it felt like Ceres was taking her time this year, it wasn't really any different from the past few years Elijah had spent at camp.  He was just prone to being a drama queen.  Either way, running with the cold wind stinging his cheeks actually felt good this morning.  The Praetor was feeling even more stressed than usual at the moment, and getting it out through being physical was a good feeling.  Checking his watch, the boy slowed as he reached the arena...he was right on time.  At this point, the boy had gotten his morning routine down to a fine art.  Even without looking at his watch, Elijah knew when his running time was over and it was time to train.  His path always got him right to the arena at ten minutes to seven, giving the boy enough time to get down the path and set up some dummies to train on.  He'd finish at five to eight, go back to the Principia, take a quick shower, and be all ready in time for Muster.  Jack teased him about it, but Elijah didn't care.  He liked how he did things.

As usual, the arena was empty.  Very few legionnaires were up this early, but they had all day to come and train while Elijah was taking care of Praetor stuff in the Principia.  Not to mention most teenagers wouldn't want to be up at this time anyway.  Sure, if they were living in the mortal world, chances were they had to for school, but Camp Jupiter 2.0 wasn't mortal world high school...if most teenagers liked to sleep late, there was no better opportunity than this one.  Occasionally there would be someone else in the arena, but it was a pretty rare occurrence.  Elijah didn't mind was less of a distraction.  And that was always welcome...sometimes, when Jack was with him in the mornings, the older boy would opt for doing crunches on the ground rather than work with his dagger.  A shirtless Jack doing crunches was a giant distraction, and Elijah had chewed his boyfriend out for it on multiple occasions.  Well, the times he wasn't necessarily in a good mood to start with.  Sometimes, Elijah would think about the fact that it was amazing the other boy joined him at all was an intense act of love.  It wasn't like the small boy was fun to be with when he was concentrating so hard on running and training, but the son of Venus joined him from time to time anyway.  The boy supposed that was saying something about their relationship.  Something great.

After setting up a few practice dummies, Elijah flipped the latches on his golden apple poison rings, his daggers appearing in his hands.  They were nifty little magical weapons his mater had left for him one night.  Flipping his right dagger over in his hand, Elijah slammed it into the practice dummy, shaking the thing on its support.  It always felt good to train like this, though the boy did wish he had some sort of...sparring buddy.  Dummies weren't exactly responsive.  Sometimes Jack sparred with him, but the other boy definitely wasn't much of a match.  Sparring with his boyfriend was pretty much giving his boyfriend a lesson in weapon work.  Out of the corner of his eye, Elijah noticed someone else entering the arena.  He wasn't sure he wanted to put too much thought into that at the moment, as he stabbed a dummy again.  People watched, which was fine, but it wasn't like Elijah was going to purposefully put on a show.

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You Do Not Have My Attention ((Aaron Forrester)) Empty Re: You Do Not Have My Attention ((Aaron Forrester))

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:14 pm

Latin. Latin was the bane of Aaron's existence and unfortunately seemed to be the one thing that occupied large chunks of his waking hours. Would it really be so difficult just to speak English here? Aaron knew that the Greek demigods had a natural ability to learn Ancient Greek so why couldn't he? It was early in the morning, about six, quarter-past, he didn't really care. It's not like he'd been asleep anyway. He halfheartedly kicked at a piece of trash that had clearly just been dumped on the ground at some point last night, maybe when the lights-out was called. The half-light made the object seem as if it was made of plastic, so he figured that it'd silently roll away when he kicked it. Instead, a clang pierced through the quite dawn and Aaron stood silently for a moment to make sure that he hadn't accidentally woken anyone up. The young demigod was silently leaning against the wall of the Fourth Cohort barracks. Mostly silent, anyway.

He'd been up all through the night and into this morning trying to make sense of some Latin he was supposed to be studying. Aaron had tried sleeping, but straining over words that he didn't understand, coupled with the very small print had giving him a throbbing headache so he'd come outside to try and clear it. However, the harsh chill outside had almost instantly woken him up from his stupor and now he knew that he couldn't go and fall asleep again. Camp Jupiter had never been this quiet before, at least not while he was awake. His mind wandered to the training arena. Now that most people were sleeping, he knew that he could probably head down there and practice one of the few things at the camp he was actually any good at. Keeping a brisk pace to keep himself warm and zipping up his jacket a little further, he started to speed up as he went further down the path from the barracks to the arena, ending up in a light jog. Warmth began to seep into him, and for the first time in hours he began to cheer up slightly.

The arena loomed closer and closer as he ran. It looked empty, but he couldn't tell for sure unless he actually went in there which he was planning to do anyway. At least it was filled with the sound of clashing swords and shouting Romans. He slowed down as he made his way into the arena and glanced around to check if he had the place to himself for some practice. He didn't. Somebody was already going all out on on the practice dummies, but it was too dark to make out who they were. Aaron briefly grinned to himself, an idea forming. Wasn't it better to practice with something that could actually fight back? "Hey!", he called out to him, "You interested in sparring against something that isn't made of straw?"


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