Of Inevitable Sibling Discussion ((Ronnie Riley))

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Of Inevitable Sibling Discussion ((Ronnie Riley)) Empty Of Inevitable Sibling Discussion ((Ronnie Riley))

Post by Izzy Abney on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:53 pm

It had been a lazy day for Dante.  He had stayed up late writing in his and Ronnie's journal, trying to find the right words for everything.  When the boy had woken up in the morning, pen in hand and notebook open over his face, he was pretty sure he hadn't managed much coherency anyway.  As soon as Morning Muster was over, the tall boy scurried back to bed, hoping to catch a quick nap.  But the sun was right in his face, and people were coming in and out of the barracks, and after awhile, Dante figured a nap wasn't in his future.  He'd just go to bed early.  At one point, the boy had crawled down from his bunk to see if his sister was around...to hand off the notebook, maybe talk a little.  From the time he had spent with the younger girl, Dante could tell well enough that she was just as awkward as he was.  Maybe that was an inheritance from Janus, too.  Gods knew their father wasn't anything normal, even by divine standards.  Sometimes the boy worried he'd end up sprouting another face...not a pleasant thought.  But aside from the awkward natures, Dante and Ronnie were probably fine, at least in the physical sense.  Occasionally the boy felt like his brain was soup, or there were too many memories popping up around him...looking into the past felt like a sort of...speciality of Dante's.  Ronnie was so much better at living in the present.  They made a good team in that sense.

But Ronnie hadn't been in her bunk when Dante looked.  And since it was a lazy day, the boy wasn't too inspired to go out looking for her.  The girl would end up back in the barracks sooner or later.  Though the weather was nice, and Ronnie definitely tended to enjoy that more than Dante...the son of Janus was a homebody, sticking around inside and not adventuring much.  Well, most of the time.  Dropping out of high school and moving to another country definitely fell in the 'adventuring' category, and even the boy couldn't deny he had a good time on his sister's rope swing a few months back.  But today was exhausting in and of itself.  Lack of sleep, maybe.  "Un giorno io non ho intenzione di avere a preoccuparsi di tutto questo. Un giorno io conduco una vita normale," the boy mumbled in Italian before snorting softly.  A demigod's life could never be completely normal.  The boy knew full well that even if he moved back to the mortal world, there would be monsters and memory residue and flashbacks.  Maybe some half-bloods could push things down, but after having spent more time in the mortal world between stays at camp, Dante knew that wasn't much of an option for him.  Someday he could control it better, but it would never be completely gone.

Grumpily climbing back up to his bunk, Dante laid down, staring up at the ceiling of the barrack.  The first time he had been at Camp Jupiter 2.0, Dante had chosen a top bunk in a corner out of "safety".  Those were days he had been so unstable...so sick in the head.  He probably should have been in a psych ward back then...the fear and paranoia and always hearing Beatrice's voice...screaming in Italian.  Leaving was completely necessary.  Even when he returned to camp, much healthier, he reclaimed his bunk.  It sort of made the boy feel like he had a bit more privacy, though it was frustrating how much he hit his head on the ceiling.  Dante was probably too tall for the top bunk, but he liked it anyway.  With a heavy sigh, the boy reached under his pillow, pulling out the Janus kid journal and pen clipped to the cover.  It wasn't like he felt like writing more, but Dante figured he should see if he had managed coherency while writing at odd hours.  There were two times of the days that the boy felt is best at- sunrise and sunset.  The in-between times, the sort of times that Janus ruled over.  Sunrise was the best...probably a left over thing from the days where Dante wasn't mentally healthy.  Sunset meant darkness, and the darkness was the worst.

Dante opened to the newly written pages, chewing on the end of the pen as he read.  It definitely wasn't as bad as he had been expecting.  His handwriting got a bit messy at one point, but that was to be expected, he figured.  After all, he had been writing with a flashlight as his only light.  It was an odd thought...all that time feeling like something was waiting for him in the dark, to the point where he couldn't function, and the full recovery Dante had made.  In general, really.  Life quality was overall better.  Sometimes the boy realized how much he took that for granted these days.  Those days of being so sick were behind him...the son of Janus was a normal person these days.  Well, a normal demigod.  He had normal emotions and behaviors and thoughts.  Sometimes he forgot about the times he had sat staring out the small window in his one room apartment, not moving or eating or sleeping.  Or even his first stay at camp.  But sometimes the memories crept up on him, or something would trigger a flashback.  At least he could handle all that better as well.  Besides, that was basically why he had returned to camp.  Dante wanted to learn his powers better.

Shutting the notebook, Dante looked back up at the ceiling.  Maybe he should venture out...enjoy the weather before it got too cold.  There was a Greek that had been following him around...a cute Greek, though the boy had no idea why he was being followed.  Perhaps he could go find the Greek boy and ask what the deal was.  None of it sounded too appealing to the boy, though.  "Volevo un giorno pigro ... perché sto cercando di trovare qualcosa da fare?" Dante sighed, reaching up to run his fingers over the ceiling.  Hearing the door to the barracks open, the boy peeked over the side of his bunk.  It wasn't hard to miss Ronnie, not with her hair.  Her timing was perfect.  "Ronnie!" he called, waving his arm over the side of his bunk.  Sitting up, the boy's head hit the ceiling with a thunk.  "Ow, okay...I have the journal for you!  I know I've been hogging it, but I finally managed to write some stuff!" climbing down from the bunk, Dante waved the journal.  Suddenly, lazy wasn't much of a worry.
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Of Inevitable Sibling Discussion ((Ronnie Riley)) Empty Re: Of Inevitable Sibling Discussion ((Ronnie Riley))

Post by Ronnie Riley on Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:38 pm

Tandem, finally, at last, at long last Veronica Riley was beginning to grow less frustrated with her powers. For such a long time, Ronnie couldn’t think of her claiming positively; even though it brought Dante into her life and allowed her to know her dad and figure out some qualms of her past, her powers complicated so explicitly what she held and understood to be dear in life. The claiming flipped upside down the way she was happy with living. That wasn’t easy either as she had put a lot of time into reinventing herself into someone better here at camp. Without her noticing it, because of the imminent power within her grasp and her focus on things other than what mattered, she was slipping back into the comfort of projecting herself over others and manipulating them. It was so easy. How could she not? But now, instead of falling asleep trying in vain to keep herself from slipping into fitful dreams of the white woman, Ronnie fell asleep to the soft caress of Lauren. Dreams swirled around her while she traced patterns of sleep lightly into her lover’s sweet skin. This was what she needed. Now the idea of even thinking taking a smoke every now and then during her off times as her simple silly form of escape sounded as ridiculous as it surely was. It was funny, how sometimes it took a slap of reality to realize these sorts of things.

The summer, like most good things, was coming to a close and staying out at night, sleeping on the roof of the stables simply wasn’t going to cut it anymore. But then again, it would have to end eventually – especially after the two (Lauren and Ronnie) had already decided it was not exclusive. Why did it need to be? The daughter of Janus moved through the motions of the day, and it sped by more quickly than she expected it to. Following motions, like so, was something she hated and sometimes trying not to think about it was exhausting, but it was her easiest way of blending in with everyone else. Sometimes the thought of why she felt like she was so different from all the rest really got to her. Certainly she didn’t think in the way that those creative, loopy, heads-in-the-clouds types of loners did, but still, she knew something about her was different. Just what?

No matter, she shook the thought from her head. If she hadn’t figured it out yet, she probably wouldn’t and it was a waste of time to catch herself thinking in this way.

After morning formation ended, Ronnie realized that she didn’t have much to do until the afternoon. Usually such a thought excited her and she would be rushing to the woods to take a hike, throwing on her swimsuit, frantically going to the library to do more of that pathetic research, or worrying about how low her cigarette stash was getting. Though, today nothing she could think of seemed to spark her interest. In fact, she could think of nothing better to do than to curl up under the warmth and comfort of the covers of her own bed and read a new book. Hearing of The Maze Runner from the kids back in the city, Ronnie had picked it up just the other day. Since the daughter of Janus had not been back to the barracks in a little while, the book had been burning a hole in both her bedside table and her mind. As the young woman quickened her pace back to her barrack, it was hard not to feel at the least bit giddy at the thought of diving into a new literary world.

Though as the vibrant demigod trapezed over the threshold of what she had a bad habit of calling ’home’, Ronnie saw none other than the eyes of Dante poking out at her. He called to his sister, bonked his head, waved the journal above his head, and proceeded to clumsily get down from his bunk while talking over his shoulder. It was quite the comical display and Ronnie was unable to stop her laughter. Since she hadn’t been ‘home’ as often these past few weeks, she had only seen him briefly every couple of days. They always said hi to one another and that was enough, but she didn’t want it to be enough. It had been too long since they’d actually talked. Due to Ronnie’s terrible habit of thinking about no one but herself, it was easy for her to forget about the friends she had made and people that she was supposed to go out of her way to keep up with. It was such a weird habit that people had, but it would hurt her just as much as them if she did not continue on with the oddities of this common human trait. ”Dante! Oh, I’m so glad you’re in.” They both walked towards each other and met awkwardly in the middle of the room. Nodding, Ronnie took the journal and commented on his garish greeting, ”that’s okay. Hogging happens, I’m likely to do the same.”With a wan smile, she proceeded to her bed, where she sat to take off her shoes. Obviously, the girl was happy to see her brother and she was excited to talk with him, but her mind seemed to be all over the place today and not in front of her. This was bothering her, making it even harder to focus. Irony could really suck sometimes. She set the journal beside her and looked around the room, absentmindedly fiddling with her shoe laces. One of the first things she observed was how empty the space was. Apart from a demigod changing his shirt and another one napping, the pair was completely alone. ”It’s pretty rare we get this place to ourselves, huh.”

Shoes off, the young woman stretched out her toes and calves. Oh, that felt nice. Deciding not to indulge her passing thought of sifting through Dante’s words in the journal right then, instead Ronnie turned to him, cracked a smile, and stated, ”so the reason I called you here today…” She didn’t know where it came from, but she recognized that she was acting different and couldn’t quite place it. Maybe her life just needed a little more excitement. ”Don’t ask. I seem to be having an off day and I’m trying to… not. I am happy to see you, though. How have you been? As small as this place is, we don’t seem run into each other out and about too often.”
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