New Kid on the Block (open to anyone who lives here)

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New Kid on the Block (open to anyone who lives here) Empty New Kid on the Block (open to anyone who lives here)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:40 pm

Moira was so happy when every finally came into place. After angrily leaving Dublin, she flew out into the great unknown that was America. She knew the basic outline of the continent. She knew that she had to fly to the other side of the country to get to San Francisco. When she got to the original Camp Jupiter, all of that morale she had was destroyed. She then proceeded to make her twenty four day trek across America. Many times on the road she second guessed herself, about whether or not this place was real. When thought about, the idea that there is a collection of people somewhere in America that were the children of the gods was insane. However all of those doubts where put away when she finally found it.

Once she got there, people still didnít give her much attention. Well, if they did it would be a wave or something. It is not like she could just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. After hearing the others talk she finally figured out that she was supposed to get sorted into a cohort. That cohort is where they will live for the rest of their time here at Camp Jupiter. Once she got that squared away she fumbled around the city until she found her new home, the fourth cohort. She entered the barracks, and continued to struggle to find the right one. Eventually she found it and entered. Whilst there she found and empty bed and lied down on it. This probably would be the part where she would unpack her belongings, that is if she had any with her. She left everything that she had when she ran away. Rest, that is what she did until someone came into the barracks for whatever reason. Her feet agreed with her on that, considering she has been on them for the past twenty days.


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