Ten Things Not to Do When in Rome ((Elijah))

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Ten Things Not to Do When in Rome ((Elijah)) Empty Ten Things Not to Do When in Rome ((Elijah))

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:07 am

Lauren, Legionnaire of the First Cohort, was defeated. Her Latin conjugations book was lying open on her face, and she was barely stirring. From a distance, one would think the book was a deadly opponent, and Lauren was a dying warrior who had given up hope in life. Vivo, vivis, vivit, Lauren conjugated in her aching head. Lauren wished there were anime or TV shows dubbed with Latin—maybe she could learn the language that way. But if she were to keep learning with this book, Lauren might as well just accept the fact that the only Latin she can speak and understand are swear words. At least she'll know if someone was saying bad things to her.

Lauren took the book and sat up. She wouldn't have minded if she were to learn French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Those languages sounded smooth, fun and sexy. But Latin was far from sexy, which was weird considering the aforementioned languages were supposed to have come from Latin. Latin made her sound like she was chanting incantations to summon the devil. Thank Jupiter for the English translations of the ancient epics they had to read, otherwise Lauren would have just completely given up on the more literary side of Roman living. She was a designer at heart, after all. If she hadn't found out she was a demigod, she probably would have pursued costume design for period films, or maybe even being a singer. Lauren liked the thought of herself as a singer. She may aspire to be like Buffy the Vampire Slayer now, but her original aspiration in life was to be like Britney and Christina. With the cheering thought of her being like Britney in mind, Lauren put the book down and climbed down her bunk bed.

Lauren rummaged through her still unpacked things. They wore camp clothes most of the time, so Lauren thought it would be useless to unpack them As she rummaged through her things, Lauren took out her makeup kit, collection of scarves and crop tops. She loved how the 90s was back again, now it'll be easier for her to find things that will make her look like Buffy.

Lauren opened the door and looked out for a bit. It was probably about 4pm, which means the campers would still be busy training under the sun and who knows what else. Lauren normally wouldn't have stayed in on a day like this, but the Centurions gave her permission to skip training after they heard her horrible Latin sentences, if you could even call them that. Lauren closed the door and went back to her clothes and makeup kit. She changed into one of her crop tops, braided her hair then put on makeup. She only realized then how much she had missed this feeling—the feeling of liking how you look and not caring about what other people thought. She knew that if she dressed up like this everyday at camp, they would make fun of her for trying to still look good despite the rigorous training they go through. Lauren looked at her shoulders and arms in particular as she looked into the mirror. Her arms have gotten more toned, and instead of the pale complexion she used to have, she now had a healthy tan and a rosy flush on her cheeks, enhanced even more by the makeup. Lauren suddenly felt sheepish dressing up like this, but she shook the feeling off and decided to organize her things.

When she was done cleaning her mess, Lauren started to do some warm-up exercises. She had made sure she was wearing pants that wouldn't tear if she kicked a bit too high. Then she started doing basic kicks, punches and jabs. Lauren eventually moved to making a fighting choreography for herself. Thank goodness for those karate and judo lessons in her high school in Japan, because now she was able to actually understand Buffy's fight scenes and choreograph something. Then when she wasn't fighting rigorously anymore, Lauren started singing. Lauren remembered how much she loved the “Once More, With Feeling” episode of Buffy, and she was going to channel that. To the beat of her fighting choreography, Lauren started singing. “Baby can't you see I'm calling? A guy like you should wear a warning. You're dangerous, I'm loving it.”

Lauren continued to sing and dance/fight, not really paying attention to anything anymore. She had managed to release her weirdness in Camp Half-Blood when she hung out with the nymphs and satyrs, but she had never really tried fully embracing her weirdness in Camp Jupiter. Perhaps she was afraid someone would see and she would lose credibility. She was in the First Cohort, after all. Wasn't the First Cohort reputed to be one of the best, if not the best? If that was the case, she had a reputation to maintain (if people even knew her around camp at all). Her fencing skills probably wouldn't save her from being made fun of once the camp found out that she had Britney Spears aspirations. Especially since Britney Spears wasn't even as cool as Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj now, but Lauren didn't care about that. She was loyal to her Queen Britney.

The currently hyper demigod was so into her singing and fighting/dancing that she didn't realize she wasn't alone in the barracks anymore. She continued to sing and dance, until she finally had the feeling of being watched. Lauren tried to ignore that feeling. No, it's only probably around five or five-thirty, she thought to herself. Who'd be back at this time? She knew she heard footsteps, though. That is when she had realized that there was more light in the room, because the door had been opened. Lauren stopped what she was doing and blushed. But the worst feeling of all were the butterflies in her stomach. Oh no, oh no, oh no, Lauren thought grimly. I'm busted. That's it. Goodbye good reputation. I'm officially Camp Jupiter's Biggest Loser.

Lauren forced herself to turn around with a smile. However, Lauren's smile started to falter as she realized who was in the barracks with her. Oh my gods, no. Of all the people to see her in this state. Why did it have to be him? They've never actually talked before, but of course Lauren would've seen him around. Of course Lauren would also have heard about him, and how you don't want him on your bad side. Ohnononononono. Lauren tried to keep looking confident, but she was sure her smile looked more like a grimace right now. She pulled herself together and managed to smile properly again, with her head held high and her back straight. No way would she let herself look weak and embarrassed even in this situation. “Good afternoon, Praetor Emmanual. How may I help you?”


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