Domingo Autumnleaves; Satyr/Best Friend

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Domingo Autumnleaves; Satyr/Best Friend Empty Domingo Autumnleaves; Satyr/Best Friend

Post by Devin Casales on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:55 pm

Domingo Autumnleaves
Domingo Autumnleaves; Satyr/Best Friend Domingo_zps80ed71b8
Suggested PB: Tyler Posey

Age: 20-something (normal Satyr age?)
Species: Satyr
Nationality: N/A

Domingo was Devinís satyr, guiding him through school. †But he disappeared once Devinís step-father, Craig, knew what Devin was, reappearing when Devinít plane landed in JFK airport in NYC. †Since then, and getting to camp, Devin has gotten to see his best friend a couple times (because I said so), but Iíd really love him to be a constant there. †Also, satyrs rock.

Domingo has a wide range of personality traits. †The really important ones are that he can get super silly and thirty seconds later, he can get serious. †Heís a very compassionate person (satyr), and fully enjoys his job to seek out demigods in the mortal world. †Even though he tried not to get too attached to Devin, he did. †Just as much as Devin considers Domingo his best friend, Domingo considers Devin the same.

Relationship with requesting char:
I think I mentioned this, but Domingo was Devinís satyr as well as best friend.

Heís not a ton figured out, but Iíd like to talk about it all if I get a bite on this one. †Satyrs are awesome.
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