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Alice Riley, sister Empty Alice Riley, sister

Post by Ronnie Riley on Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:14 pm

Alice Riley
Alice Riley, sister Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2i45k05EfdTKseam_pEN0QePF6FLQ4X-h18QIIr82ogUp3Q-x Alice Riley, sister Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRtaUZ4cKbMddZOcK72z_U8H4OvrtFIfBHCuZrG67xH3BetVfn0 , Alice Riley, sister Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdrxVsHUY7m4hXWhxWJkvRY1fel6lQdNLMR4fNZJblKoMLn5Ok,
Suggested PB:
Elle Fanning, Abigail Breslin, ChloŽ Grace Moretz,

Age: 14
Species: Mortal (can see through The Mist)
Nationality: N/A

Ronnie watches out for no one but herself and so others around her reciprocate that. Besides maybe her half-brother, Dante, no one watches out for Ronnie. Though sheís changing her life considerably, it has potential to go downhill at any moment. She needs someone, simple as that.
Ronnie is also very present, she hates living in the past and having her sister come back will resurface a lot of memories and this will make her struggle to remain present and stay true to who she thinks she is.

Apart from a hard exterior (because of her past), no specifics. Ronnie hasnít seen her sister in eight years, so her personality traits can be however you like.

Relationship with requesting char:
Little sister

The two were split up when Ronnie was 8 and Alice was 5 after their mom died of cancer. So Ronnie will be shocked that her sister remembered her. Ronnie went with her presupposed ďfatherĒ and AliceÖ itís up to you. Foster care (maybe learned about demigods on the streets), lived with grandma, whatever. Up to you dude(tte). Also, depending on if/when someone has an interest, Ronnie can go to school for the year to make things easier. Maybe towards next summer, Ronnie could try and work something out with the higher-ups because of the mortal boundary.
Ronnie Riley
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