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Lilly Mason(Edited 08/27) Empty Lilly Mason(Edited 08/27)

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Lilly Mason
Lilly Mason(Edited 08/27) 3o26YMM
Suggested PB: Rose Leslie, Maria Thayer, Karen Gillan, Lindy Booth, I'm totally open to others

Age: 15
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Greek

Lilly was definitely important to Alex, her life was difficult, as was his. After the death of his protector on the street, he ran into this mad redheaded girl. Without someone to protect her, and Alex being lonely, they naturally fell in with each other. The hid in this alley between a clothing store and a pizza place. There were fences on each side, which served as protection from the monsters they both kept running into. When they revealed that they were both demigods, they knew they had to stay together. However, just as Alex was going to tell her his true feelings for her, a swarm of scorpions, of all shapes and sizes, came from every direction. They parted, both thinking the other was dead. †

She should be hard, from the streets that is. Semi-stubborn. Although she should have a soft side she is hiding underneath.

Relationship with requesting char:
Alex and Lilly have a strange relationship. They are close friends, but they are most definitely attracted to each other. They where 14 and 15 when they were split up, so they didnít really know what that meant. Complicated would be the best word.

Whichever parent you decide to be the human side, can either be dead, or have abandoned Lilly at a young age. But both Lilly and Alex come from a similar background when it comes to the streets and not having a family. Thanks for consideration.


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