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Luciferus Fabius, Friend Empty Luciferus Fabius, Friend

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Luciferus Fabius
Luciferus Fabius, Friend 98d09ce1-368c-480c-9652-a0097a8369c2_zps5e1e9b6a
Suggested PB: Craig Horner

Age: 17-20
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Roman

Luciferus and Angharad have been best friends ever since she joined the Legion at age 10 in the old camp.  She respected him for his good fighting skills and his friendly nature, especially toward her.  He, in turn, fancied her for her looks and for her strong attitude.  They hung outwith one another a lot, and when Angharad was 11, Luciferus confessed his (kid) love for her and kissed her on the cheek.  Angharad told him that she didn't feel that way, and so they kind of dropped it, but continued to be good friends.  They excuse it as childish nature.  Yet, Luciferus still retains his crush on her, and Angharad might just feel the same in the bottom of her hard Roman heart.

I honestly don't mind what personality you chose for him, as long as he's not evil or anti-social.  I do imagine him as energetic and charismatic, though.

Relationship with requesting char:
So he will be Angharad's good friend, a bestie.  Although he has grown up and sort of let go of those "romantic" feelings for her, he still has a crush on her.

Luciferus must be part of the Legion from a young age.  He might be born in first camp or camp upon it when he was younger than 10.  He fought in the battle against the Tripartite and has scars on his arm and chest from it.


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