First Couple of Battles(Open to 1)

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First Couple of Battles(Open to 1) Empty First Couple of Battles(Open to 1)

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Aiden was moving his blade like some roman demigod who had been there for months now.

" What a rookie, drop the sword and quit plus you look like a retard? " , A boy stood in the doorway maybe somebody from the first cohort.

Rage boiled in Aiden," Come and fight me than pretty boy ".

" My name is Roger " , Roger smirked and showed swords in each hand.

Rage increased by the insult, Roger mistakenly rushed Aiden. He attempted an upwards slash with his right hand sword. Aiden twisted his torso to the right avoiding the blade and ducked while spinning to avoid the slash from Rogers left sword.

The spin allowed Aiden to deliver a spinning back fist to the inside of Rogers knee causing him to cry out in pain. The first cohort member used both swords to slash at Aiden making him jump backwards and allowing Roger space to back away.

Since he was limping now Aiden decided to move in and continue his little test. Roger attempted to ward him off with another slash across the chest. Aiden tilted his torso back to avoid the attack and then attempted a roundhouse punch aimed at Rogers face.
Roger ducked under the punch simultaneously attempting to stab his leg. Aiden kicked his leg back and away from the blade and twisted away to get some distance.

Even after fighting and defeating a couple of other people, Aiden was far from exhausted. His opponent though, because he let his anger control him was breathing heavy and nursing a bruised knee.

His pride wouldn't let him lose to a new recruit however, and so Roger rushed him swinging both swords wildly hoping to cut Aiden to ribbons. Aiden ducked the first few slashes and side-stepped the ones after, but when Roger tried an overhead slash with his right arm Aiden's fist met it in mid swing and threw it off course.

The first cohort member lost his balance and so Aiden was able to grab his armored chest and violently punch him in the sternum knocking him backwards.

Aiden stood with dignity, majesty despite being highly injured, staring deadly at Roger.

Rogers pride had just taken a serious beating in the last few minutes but he stubbornly refused to give up.

Lurching forward he once more made to attack Aiden intent on at least wounding him. Once he was within range he tried a desperate stab in hopes of getting through, Aiden once more twisted to the side letting the blade slide in front of him and across his stomach

Faster than a snake strike Aiden snatched the wrist holding the sword and held it in place. His other arm violently slashed upwards forcing Roger to let go of his sword. The teenage Roman staggered backwards a bruised wrist now added to his injuries.

Not allowing his opponent a chance to recover, Aiden rushed forward and kicked his foe's feet out from under him. Once Roger was on his back, Aiden moved forward and kicked the centurion's other sword out of his grasp.

"Do you yield?" The black haired youth's chilling and flat words reached everyone's ears. "How does it feel to be made a fool of? To be mocked while in battle after trying your hardest? How does it feel knowing everything you claimed was just shattered, in front of an audience no less? "
"Shut up." Roger growled still refusing to admit defeat, "You don't know anything "

"Oh really,", Aiden asked with an almost playful yet probing lilt, " Well then I guess that mean's I know which cohorts to stay away from. I guess I have to thank you for exposing the best that the legion has to offer."

Everyone in the audience that had been quiet up until this point erupted in cheers. While his family the fourth cohort cheered, he grinned and nodded his head. He looked up and saw a figure in the doorway.


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