Now Which One Is The Hilt, Again? ((OPEN))

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Now Which One Is The Hilt, Again? ((OPEN)) Empty Now Which One Is The Hilt, Again? ((OPEN))

Post by Guest on Mon May 06, 2013 3:09 am

Riley was drowning herself in the bath, just to calm her mind. She pulled in, letting the water surrounded her for a few seconds before resurfacing again. Everyone else probably already done with their own bath time, but not her. These last few days had been the worst ones of her life. At least, according to her view. As she wiped her face and getting ready to put of her tank top and the rest of her clothes, he sighed and thought about what happened, one more time.

There’s that guy. What was his name, Dante? A guy who, and Riley herself admitted this, sweep her off her feet. Despite his anxiety attack and him couldn’t stop calling the spiky girl Beatrice, the daughter of Bellona wanted to know more about him, learning his past and eventually helped him get through of his problems. But now he was nowhere to be found. How come? With this thought in mind, Riley dried herself and put on her attire; the worn-out white tank-top and an American-flag shorts. She grabbed her new golden brass knuckles and pocketed them safely, but she was heading towards the Arena with no intention of using them whatsoever.

The girl’s lanky fingers automatically reached for her new necklace; a silver chain with a sword pendant in the middle. Once she arrived at the Arena, Riley tugged it open, and the sword grew to the fitting size. She tried to balance it for once, and it was perfect. She tried throwing it in the air, swinging it all over (even though it hit the bridge of her nose once), but it always managed to settle in her hands. Strangely enough, Riley was never interested to wearing one of these. For her, using a weapon was a coward way to fight. It was just not fair. But sadly, her mother told her daughter to learn this way of fighting. So Riley had to try, whether she liked it or not.

But the thing was, she hadn’t met someone who could teach her the way of swords. And she got what Bellona was saying, she really do. Brawling with bare hands would eventually lead to bleeding and cuts, something Riley experienced frequently. There’s still fresh bandages on her hands and knees, as a result of a wrestling match with some of the boys on her cohorts. Not that any of them win, of course. Now facing a dummy, the newly claimed daughter of Bellona raised her sword to the eye level, biting her lips reluctantly. Could she do it…? But without thinking anymore, she slashed her way towards the dummy’s neck.

Much to her surprise, her silver sword stuck on the dummy’s particular body part. “Mother hugger!” Riley gritted her teeth, jumped around while trying to yank her sword free with two hands. The good news, it did break free eventually. The bad news, Riley sprawled, landing on her bum while doing so. “For the love of-“ She was about to scream out of frustration when someone walked in. Eyes wide in disbelief, Riley tried to calm herself down, which failed. Miserably. She was embarrassed after all. “Don’t tell me you enjoy the show.” She muttered, brushing her pants as she stood up. “I never use a sword before…”


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