This needs an explanation ((Ares/Mars PG13))

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This needs an explanation ((Ares/Mars PG13)) Empty This needs an explanation ((Ares/Mars PG13))

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:03 am

Angeline walked briskly through Camp Jupiter. She was going to the same place she always went in the morning, to the arena. The daughter of Cupid went to the arena so often she could practically see her footprints forming a trail to the place. It was a routine that Angeline didn’t plan to change, Romans were structured and organized. A routine was necessary… or at least that was what Angeline’s old guardian, Gulliver, had always said. Gulliver had been a son of Mars, a man of war, and had raised the daughter of Cupid from the time she was three. Angeline didn’t know how he had come into Gulliver’s custody, but she had been with the son of Mars until she was a teenager when he died protecting her. At the time it had been traumatic, it was also the day Angeline almost lost her left eye. The daughter of Cupid tightened her grip around the hilt of her weapon. Gulliver had always said revenge would be foolish, but there was still a small part of her that wanted to go and destroy the monsters that had killed her guardian.

The daughter of Cupid pushed her way into the arena, but it was empty. That was surprising. Angeline checked the watch that hung around her neck. Gulliver had given her that watch… strange she was here at the same time as she normally was. Angeline was accustomed to seeing other demigods training around this time; she wasn’t the only one who had a daily routine. With a shrug the daughter of Cupid went to work, ferociously attacking a dummy that was close to her. Angeline remembered the first time she had faced a practice dummy… she was embarrassed to say that she didn’t win that fight. Gulliver had laughed and rubbed her head then destroyed the dummy himself. The daughter of Cupid lowered her own weapon after she demolished the dummy in front of her. Angeline bit her lip. Why was she remembering those things now? Ever since she got to camp Angeline had appeared to be indifferent about her past. She’d mention Gulliver every once and a while, but not enough to peak someone’s interest. Then Angeline had met her supposed twin, Jespice and now the whole world was wrong. Damn Jespice…

Angeline took a few steps backwards and dropped her weapon before sitting on the ground. She was breathing hard. That idiot twin of hers had ruined everything. Daughter of Cupid? Angeline breathed a curse. Gulliver had always said she was going to be a daughter of Bellona. He had always said she was a daughter of a war god. Why had he lied to her? Angeline took the watch off and held it out in front of her. Having Bellona claim her had been a sort of goal for Angeline, she thought if she did something impressive enough that she would be claimed. When she made it into the first cohort Angeline had been so proud of herself. She had been sure that being in the first cohort would be enough… but then that damn idiot came out of now where. What would be her goal now? Angeline had struggled to not ‘just be a pretty face’… being a daughter of Bellona would had helped make people take her more seriously. But she was a daughter of Cupid. Seriously?

Angeline pulled her knees up to her chest, still holding the watch out in from of her. This was killing her. She knew she shouldn’t be disappointed, her father was her father, but she couldn’t help it. Angeline rested her forehead against her knees. Was she going to cry? No, no she wouldn’t cry. Angeline hadn’t cried since Gulliver died years ago. Crying was a sign of weakness. It was a sign that you couldn’t deal with your own emotions. Angeline wasn’t weak, she wouldn’t cry. “If only you were here now…” Angeline mumbled into her knees, her hand was so tight around the necklace that held the watch that her knuckles were white. “You’d be proud of me… but we would be arguing…“ Her hand was trembling. Anger, frustration, confusion, sadness. Angeline wasn’t used to dealing with all her emotions. Fighting was a good way to vent this, but Angeline couldn’t fight now… memories of Gulliver kept flooding back. “How the hell am I a daughter of Cupid… what the hell, what the hell, what the hell?” trembling with emotions, her face hidden away, if anyone showed up Angeline had a punch in the face waiting for them. She was too violent to be a daughter of Cupid. He was the god of love and romance that was not her. What was not who Angeline was.

“Why aren’t you here… I have so much to ask you… to yell at you about” Angeline grumbled, finally lifting her head up and looking at the watch as if it were her guardian. “Send me a sign… something. We need to talk damn it”


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This needs an explanation ((Ares/Mars PG13)) Empty Re: This needs an explanation ((Ares/Mars PG13))

Post by Guest on Wed May 08, 2013 6:13 pm

Mars Pater (Mars the Father), was trying to concentrate on his normal way of spending the day. Usually, he started training how 6 hours, then read for a couple of hours and then do it again. But not today. He was being in a fatherly mood. He thought back about the claiming that he did. Calla was his granddaughter and he just loved the way she honored him. And there were so many sons over time! And his most famous sons.. Mars smiled... Were Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Mars was really really proud of those boys. Mars walked in his home, wearing his toga again, to a room that was dedicated to his children. All the demigods that had been his children were there, and all his Legacy's as well.. There they were. Romulus and Remus. Those boys really loved to prank together.. Lupa had grown tired of these boys in such a way, that as soon as they were done with their training, she had given them back to Mars, saying "Do whatever you want with them, but don't get them near me ever again!".

He also saw a picture of his son Cupid.. Aaah yes.. His son which he got with his lover Venus. In the mortal world, Cupid was about the most well know Roman God. Every year, in the weeks before the 14th of February, images of Mars his son would show up in every town, in every shop and all over the internet. And, Mars had to say.. That Cupid was quite a god.. Mixing the weaponskills of a son of Mars and the "love-skills" of Venus, Cupid had turned out to be quite a God.. A God of Love.. And even Cupids children were on Mars Pater his wall.. They were, in a way, his legacies after all.. He moved to a little screen, pushed a small button and there was his dear Angeline. Poor girl. She was so convinced that she was a daughter of Bellona. And she was raised by one of Mars his sons, so that she was trained well, was obvious. Mars heard Angeline going nearly mental with all her questions, so he decided to visit.

Mars Pater stepped outside his house and instantly he stood behind the daughter of Cupid, hearing her ask about a sign. Mars smiled and enjoyed this moment fully. That moment, when she was going to meet Mars, and still was clueless about it! Silent as a mouse on carpet, Mars walked to Angeline. He sat down behind her and looked with a gentle look on his face to the demigod. "Hello Angeline.", he said softly.


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