You Romans fight with this ? (open)

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You Romans fight with this ? (open) Empty You Romans fight with this ? (open)

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:16 pm

Reluctantly Agnar entered the training arena and headed for the armory. He got told he should pick out his equipment, so he could take part in the combat drills and training. Already roughly knowing what the Romans used as weapons, he already figured he didn’t like it too much. Which is why he put it off until now. Entering the armory which was dimly lit by the sun shining in, he looked at all the orderly racks of weapons and armor in the room. The most standard equipment, the normal battle armor and helmet, a square shield, and a gladius short-sword stalled out in wooden racks in the front of the armory. Probably so it could be taken out quickly if for any reason they would need to defend the camp. Or they were all just for practice purposes. He wasn't sure. After taking a quick look at it, he walked past it and headed for the back of the armory. Along the way were different kinds of swords and spears in different styles and lengths. On the other side of the wall were several ranged weapons stacked together. Bows and quivers which were filled with arrows, slings and pounces of metal pebbles to use as ammunition all neatly piled up. "The tidiness of these guys knows no limits." He thought.

Proceeding to the back of the armory, he came past the discard pile for old, rusted and unusable equipment. And after that, in a moldy and dirty looking corner, were racks and piles filled with more, unconventional, equipment . Picking up a rather wide dagger, he looked at it and figured it might work. Continuing, he noticed longer swords then the others, and throwing darts. All left to catch dusk in their racks, seeing little to no use. And finally, small leather pouches filled with caltrops which were small metal creations made up of four sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base. They were used to slow down the advancement of cavalry and infantry alike. "This could come in handy" Agnar thought as he took one of the pouches.

Still unsure what he would take, he took a square shield from one of the racks, laid it on the ground, and filled it with one of each weapon he could find. He also took one of the battle armors of the rack and headed into the arena. he dropped the weapons on the ground, and first tried to work himself into the armor. After he managed to get on, he noticed that it was pretty heavy. And also, he jumped up and down a few times, the metal plates the armor consisted of made quite some noise. "Well this'd be great, if my intention is to tell my enemy where I am and invite them to plant an arrow in my face" he said as he took off the armor and placed it back on the ground.

Then, he picked up the gladius and swung it around quite clumsily, because aside from practicing with a knife at the asylum, he didn’t have much experience with fighting. Still, he found the gladius an odd weapon. It felt too short to slash with, but it didn’t have the precision of a knife to stab properly with it. Much like using an axe to do a brain surgery instead of with a scalpel. You'd probably be able to make a cut, but it's doubtful it would be very deep or accurate. Next was the Spatha he picked up. Swinging it around he found it had a nicer feel to it, and that it gave more range to slash with. Nevertheless it wasn't really his thing. Picking up the shield didn’t make it much better. He found it was way too bulky, and because of the gladius's short range, he wondered how the Romans could fight properly with this. He threw the shield and short back on the ground. As he tried out the wide dagger, he found that using it felt much more natural to him. Still, the 'pugio' as the Romans called it, didn't have the sleekness or gracefulness he was looking for.

Lastly, he wanted to try out the ranged weapons the Romans had. At first he tried the sling, but after a few tries or swinging it around, and the metal pebbles going everywhere except where he wanted them to go, he gave up on it. Then he picked up a pilum. Figuring it was a throwing weapon, and balanced it in his hand for a while, and then threw it at a dummy. Since he had no experience in throwing weapons whatsoever, the pilum missed the dummy by meters and dug itself into the wall behind it, then the weight of the wooden handle caused the metal front part of the spear to bend downwards. Agnar walked over to it, and pulled it out of the wall. He tried to bend it back in its normal position but found it nearly impossible to do so. He frowned "A onetime use throwing spear, very economical" He said. Taking the throwing darts and trying them out, he had reasonable success in using them. At least he hit the dummy with it, though it was only one, which hit the dummy in the shoulder. After he retrieved the missed darts, he picked up the bow, and drew it. "I have to let go with my RIGHT hand" he thought by himself. As he let go with the LEFT hand, the bow flew back and hit him in the face, with the drawn arrow falling on the ground. Cursing, he angrily threw the bow away. He laid down in the sand, and look at the pile of weapons he didn’t like, and the other pile of weapons he still needed to try. "I'll never find anything that'll suit me" He complained as he looked up to the sky.


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Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:23 am

TRIVIA DECEPTUS, Deceived Goddes of Magic and Crossroads

The Goddess had been watching her son for quite some time. He was certainly a trickier one to appear to, as he had always believed his mother to be a mortal. And the Goddess knew she would have to explain all this to Agnar in the short time she had. When Trivia heard her son call out and look to the sky, she whispered so only he could hear, "My Agnar, without the perfect weapon and alone once again," Trivia knew what she had for her son, but first she wanted him to hear. Her symbol, the paired torches, appeared above Agnar's head, though she wasn't sure anyone else was around to see them. Even so, the Goddess spoke in a whisper, a sound that could be mistaken as howling of the wind to anyone other than one of her children. And so her story began. "My Agnar, who has always found his mother to be cruel and unforgiving. My Agnar, always alone and deceived. It is time you know the truth about who you are, where you come from, and the mother who has always been there, watching you make your way."

"Your father was a mortal. I found him at a crossroads in his life and I attempted to help him, but all that resulted was, as mortals would say, an affair. He begged me to stay, promised he would change, but I could not do so. Once his wife found out about the affair, she was enraged, especially when your father found you, Agnar. This is where your story begins to be cloaked in lies. Your father did not change, and was soon imprisoned for the domestic abuse he put your mother through. After this, the wife, who became your mother, refused to speak of your father. The domestic abuse was so terrible, he became unmentionable. Even after your "mother" was informed he was killed in a prison fight, your father became a topic never mentioned. You have always wondered why your mother treated you so horribly, so cruelly and carelessly? You weren't hers, Agnar. You were a result of an affair her abusive husband had with an unknown woman. And I am sorry for the fact that she took it all out on you, my Agnar. She will never find out who the unknown woman was."

Another soft whisper in the wind, "My Agnar," before Trivia made the leaves in the trees around rustle. "Agnar, perhaps you will take comfort in the fact that that woman is not your mother, though she always claimed to be. I am your mother, Trivia Deceptus, deceived Goddess of Magic and Crossroads," the Goddess made the wind blow again, warmer this time, around her son's being. She wasn't much for speaking, normally, choosing mostly to keep to herself and keep quiet. But she knew she couldn't leave any stone unturned with Agnar. "I am sorry I had to watch you go through what you did, Agnar. Living in the dark, deceived, hidden from the rest of the world, and always alone. I could not step in, but here is my may find yourself at a crossroad now, my son. You need answers, yet you fear them. You yearn to belong, yet you fear anything except the loneliness. I cannot guide your way, my son, but I can watch your path, and help you in another way."

From a sheath at her side, Trivia pulled a sword with a crystal blade and made the wind carry it to Agnar's hands. "A weapon that will suit you, I believe," the Goddess said softly, her words carried by the wind as she distanced herself. "The crystal will not break in battle, and it will help you when you are at the toughest of crossroads, as well as harness your magic. Your sister can assist you with the working of the crystal, she has managed to figure out quite a bit of it," Trivia sighed. There was so much more she wanted to say to her son, but knew she couldn't. It was time for her to leave. Deciding that it would be better to stay silent than to say anything more, the Goddess waved her hand and her symbol disappeared from over the boy's head. Without looking, Trivia did decide to say one last thing. "My Agnar, you are no longer alone..." she let the wind carry her words as she found herself wandering a graveyard, perhaps in Rome by the looks of it. Would the deceived accept his fate? Perhaps the Goddess would never know. Though there was always the chance she would find a great hero on her hands.

((Congratulations, Agnar Morton, son of Trivia Deceptus! Good luck learning magic and the way of your mother!))

You Romans fight with this ? (open) Temp1_zps4uoqsnhq

You Romans fight with this ? (open) Weddinganimated_zpspm5isqdp
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Post by Will Solace on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:01 pm

River retrieved her pugio from the cubby hole behind her bunk, tied the sheath around her waist, and headed out. She wasn’t sure where she was going or what she intended to do. Honestly, she probably didn’t even need the weapon, but some of the Romans who followed the more traditional path got angry if the legionnaires didn’t carry something. Others were afraid of getting attacked again, so they felt more comfortable when their fellow Romans were prepared. Either way, River wasn’t in the mood to get heckled by anyone, so she strapped it on just for good measure.

The girl absentmindedly fingered the crystal around her neck as she walked in the general direction of the principia. Maybe she’d go seek out Elijah. Her best friend had been a bit busy. She hadn’t talked to him in several days, and she seriously owed him a visit. She would be one of the pleasant surprises. Elijah always welcomed her in. Then again, she never exactly asked. She just kind of barged in and forced the boy to accept her. All the same, he never once complained. He knew better. If he did, River automatically knew something was up. Something not good. So she’d weave her magic, make him smile, and cheer him up some. And after that, there was no point in getting rid of her.

Just as she settled on visiting Elijah, and soft whisper reached her ears. “My Agnar.” River stopped in her tracks and cocked her head to the side. The voice continued, barely more than a breath on the wind. The girl listened carefully, and quickly realized what was going on. A demigod nearby was finally figuring out who he was. She looked around, frantically trying to figure out who was being claimed and where. Something pushed her in the direction of the arena. She slid in, sticking to a shadow near the wall. Looking around at the empty space, she instantly spotted the lone figure sitting in the sand. Above his head revolved the paired torches, the symbol of River’s mother. The girl sucked in a breath, knowing she had recognized the voice.

She stood stock still as she let her mother speak to the boy. His story was sad, though parts of it felt familiar. Abuse, a father in prison… River’s father hadn’t been abusive, as far as she was aware, but he had attempted to kill her mother. That was close enough. She waited for Trivia to finish her speech and give Agnar his claiming gift before she stepped out of the shadows. “Congratulations, Agnar,” she said quietly, trying not to startle the boy. “Trivia is a great goddess to have as a mother.” She paused and smiled before saying, “Welcome to the family.”

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Post by Guest on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:14 am

Agnar gave up. He laid on the ground with his eyes closed, listening at the wind rustling around him. Then suddenly, a soft whispering sound reached his ears "My Agnar, without the perfect weapon and alone once again,". Startled, Agnar opened his eyes and noticed the two crossed torches appearing over his head. Confused at what he saw, he sat up. Looking around him for anyone who might be pulling a prank on him, he saw nothing. Then, in the rustling of the wind, Trivia spoke to him, telling him the story of his past. He listened. Quietly, hearing Trivia’s words traveling through the wind into his ears explaining him about his father, and why he never knew him. And why he was left with the step-mother that never wanted him. Agnar didn’t speak, nor move, while he was told the story. The great mixture of emotions that came up into him disallowed him to do anything else.

"My Agnar" Agnar heard, before Trivia appeared before him. He got up, and faced his mother. She spoke to him, but her words didn’t reach him. His mind to occupied taking in everything his mother said to him. While she spoke to him, the air around him got warmer, and warmness filled him he missed all his life. The love of a parent. Agnar doubted what he should do, shout at her for depriving him of that feeling for all his life? Walk over to her and hug her? Get angry at her for leaving him to rot in the asylum? She told him she was sorry, sorry for taking nearly 20 years to appear before him, and claim him as her son. A tear ran over his cheek. He was happy he could see her now. Happy he could be with her for just a little. A light in the eternal darkness of his life. He noticed a sword floating towards him. He took it out of the air without looking at it, keeping his eyes focused at his mom, determent not to forget her face. As he wanted to get closed to hear, she disappeared into the distance, eventually vanishing. "My Agnar, you are no longer alone..." was the last thing he heard from her. For a while he stared at the location Trivia vanished, and then a girl appeared out of the shadows and walked up to him. He looked at her with empty eyes. He stood there silently as the wind blew through his hair. With his limited social experience he simply couldn’t make up what he should do. She spoke to him, congratulated him. Realizing this must be his sister he opened his mouth and said “T-thanks” He kept looking at her, unsure what to do. But he realized one thing, he wouldn’t be as alone from this point on.


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