Friendly Beginnings [Robin]

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Friendly Beginnings [Robin] Empty Friendly Beginnings [Robin]

Post by Will Solace on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:19 pm

River wandered somewhat cautiously into the arena and looked around. The sight of all the dummies and all the training material scared her, to be honest, but she knew she needed to train more. If Lupa could see her now…She’d get quite the talking-to, and she’d be stuck training every day for a week. Sure, River had trained quite a bit when she had first been discovered by Lupa and taken to the Wolf House, but since then, she hadn’t kept up on it. Fighting wasn’t her preferred method for interacting with people. She had grown up in an environment where fighting wouldn’t get anyone anywhere. It was much easier and much better if people just learned to get along with each other. Still, after the last war, a single weak link could ruin everything.

River moved further in and unsheathed the dagger at her belt. After watching the way Elijah had worked with his, the girl had decided that a dagger was probably the best weapon for her as well. It was light, it was easy to handle, and it didn’t give her a lot of extra material that she’d have to swing around. A dagger felt much more like an extension of her own arm than a sword did. The girl approached one of the dummies and took a test swing at it, swiping the blade down over its shoulder. The fabric split with the slightest contact, revealing the straw stuffing underneath. Well, it was certainly a lot sharper than she had been expecting. She would need to be very careful if she ever decided to spar with another demigod. The last thing she wanted was to mortally injure one of her fellow campers.

Turning away from the dummy, she suddenly noticed another camper entering the arena. She quickly sheathed her dagger, not wanting the young man to think she was out for a fight. She’d rather give him a friendly hello first. As the boy approached, she lifted her hand in greeting. “Hello!” she called out happily, praying he was in a relatively decent mood.

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Friendly Beginnings [Robin] Empty Re: Friendly Beginnings [Robin]

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:21 pm

Robin wanted to train, he never had been in the arena before so he thought to go and check it out. So Robin took up his practice blades and went out to the Arena. Now he did not have a training partner just yet so if he could find one that would be great. Walking towards the door he saw his armor it had arrived yester day. This dark colored armor had seen battle many times. It was given to Robin on his birthday by a good friend. Robin stopped and put on his totally back armor though on his chest there was a picture of a burning skull. Robin always laughed when he saw it. His friend had painted it and the reason why he did that was that he always said "The best way to win a fight is to intimidate your opponent, so he is too scared to fight" And he thought that a flaming skull would do that. But every fight Robin had since than none of his opponents fled in fear because of the skull. It was more the other way around.

Robin walked towards the entrance of the Arena. Well let's look what there is inside. He entered it and saw lost of dummy's and a girl with a dagger. When the girl saw him she said "hello". Robin would not attack a dummy with an dagger. It was not his weapon of choice. Robin preferred twin or dual blades. That was because of various reasons. Robin knew it was polite to greet back so did "hey, also here for training" he said. Robin trained a lot of hours a day if possible, that was the result of his past if you lack your training in the Netherlands you are going to regret it. Robin looked around him and could not see anyone to train with. But he was not in a sparring moot, but he preferred to train together it was less boring than doing it on your own and much more fun. He turned towards the girl again and said "if you do not mind, wanna train together".


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