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Hello Again ((Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan)) Empty Hello Again ((Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan))

Post by Daelia Fitzgerald on Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:26 pm

It was a Sunday, which meant her day of musing was over and her day of pottery began. Daelia always did her best to stick to a routine, a habit she had learned early on with her mother. However, her routine with the ceramics was anything but constant, as it took roughly 9 days to make a single piece of artwork, 6 of those days set aside just for the kiln to do its work. Daelia always did her best to set Saturday aside for designing new pieces to make, Sunday to do the actual work in wedging and sculpting the pot or vase or whatever it was she was making that day, then the rest of the week in the kiln except for Wednesday, which was when she first put her pieces in the kiln, and another Saturday, which was when she made the glaze and painted her piece. Then the pieces were put back in the kiln for another three days before they were finally ready, which was on a Wednesday. So, overall, her routine was a two-week routine, which meant one Saturday was for her muse to make a new piece and the next to work on a piece that was almost finished. Some people might get bored after a while with the same routine every week, but Daelia found it grounded her, to be able to hold onto some piece of her old life. And besides, she could never give up ceramics. She loved it too much to even slow down and only do this process once every couple months.

This particular Sunday was the start of a new cycle, so Daelia pulled out her designs from the day before and set to work. She first pulled out a new bag of clay waiting for her, and starting kneading as if preparing dough for bread. This was an important part, to push out any air bubbles, because if she missed one or two, when put in the kiln, the air bubble would expand and eventually explode. Sounded entertaining, straight out of a Michael Bay movie, but not good for her current piece or the kiln. It would also mess up Daelia’s routine, which was completely unacceptable. After finishing, Daelia examined the clay and nodded. She had done the first part correctly. So why did she feel such a sense of dread? Shaking of her instincts, Daelia began molding it. There were several different methods of molding, such as by wheel or by hand, but this particular piece would be best suited to be made by hand. And it was more of a challenge. She allowed herself to get lost in her work, forgetting the events of the past few days.

After a while, Daelia stopped and admired her work. Hopefully, it would turn out the way she was imagining the piece. So far, it was turning out very well, but there was something missing. Daelia sighed and stepped away from her workspace for a minute. As if in a dream, she reached into her pocket and pulled something out. A few days ago, she had been claimed by the goddess Minerva and had received an owl jar necklace. It was beautiful, and very similar to the pieces Daelia created. However, she had yet to decide what to do with it. To lock it away somewhere to never see again seemed a bit drastic and ungrateful, though to be fair, Daelia hadn’t been too grateful to see the goddess. Still, it had been truly enlightening to discover who she was, who had essentially created her. But Daelia had not put on the necklace either. Supposedly it helped her with her craft, with whatever she was making, would help the ideas flow and to make exactly what she was aiming for. But something was holding her back from putting it on, though she had a feeling that once she put it on, she would never take the necklace off. Perhaps it would help to make a pros and cons chart or something similar to that. There had to be a simple way to decide what to do with the necklace.

Daelia considered her dilemma and immediately understood that any work with her pottery would be forestalled until she decided what to do with the necklace. To keep or not to keep? Weighing her options, Daelia asked herself which way she was leaning and suddenly knew what to do. She put it on. As simple as that. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but Daelia decided to let the magic, if it truly was enchanted, work on its own. She turned back to the piece she was working on and finished sculpting it. Then she carefully picked it up and set it on a shelf to dry for a day or two. She was still in the early stages of ceramics, but could already tell the piece would turn out better than she was imagining it.

Content, Daelia fingered her necklace. Perhaps this day would turn out all right. Releasing her gift, at least for now, she began to clean up her work area with a sponge, wondering why she had felt dread earlier. She shrugged it off and kept working. Everything was turning out all right, no need for dread. Everything would be all right.
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Hello Again ((Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan)) Empty Re: Hello Again ((Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:13 pm

Although it had been three months since he and Jack had gotten married, Elijah felt like he was still catching up to things in his life.  Time had really flown by, and the small man was finding he still had so much to do in regards to the wedding.  Initially, he had planned to see everyone who had come to the reception and thank them for being there quickly, but life had taken over, of course.  There was the "honeymoon", of course, which was actually just a few days and nights in the inn in New Rome, and then back to work...back to normal.  Or rather, the new normal.  Because there were times Elijah was still forgetting to sign his name correctly...he and Jack had decided to hyphenate their last names, which meant 'Elijah Emmanual' was incorrect on paperwork.  Upon going back to his Praetor work after the honeymoon, the son of Discordia had made sure to make his name change in the official records.  Since 'Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan' was now his legal name, he had to carry that over to everything.

Elijah had found, though, that he didn't have as much time as he would have liked, and he hadn't been able to make his rounds the way he wanted to.  He had to work.  He had to train.  There were a million and one things he had to do, and time slipped by.  Three months after the wedding, the man was realizing, slightly panicked, that he had a lot of people to thank that he hadn't yet.  So he decided to take a day off from his work in the Principia and find people to thank and everything.  Calix wouldn't mind...they both knew that the other needed time off sometimes.  They had come to an understanding like that...it helped when one was running camp with a good friend.  Elijah had made a list of everyone he had to talk to, and was determined to get everyone in today.  Not that it really mattered...a second day off wouldn't be a big deal or anything, but the man didn't want to drag things out any more than he had to.  He had already put too much time between the event and his thank you's.

First on his list was Daelia Fitzgerald.  Elijah hadn't really known the girl prior to the wedding, and he had been touched that she came to the reception anyway, and brought him and Jack a beautiful vase.  The man knew she had made it herself...his first encounter with the girl had been shortly after she arrived at camp and had asked to set up a kiln.  On top of all that, she had just been claimed, and Elijah wanted to congratulate her...check in.  Claimings could be a blessing, though also a curse.  Over the years he had been at camp, the small man had seen a lot of different reactions to claimings...and he had been present for quite a few of them.  In his room, the man prepared to go find Daelia.  He packed his canvas messenger bag with everything he figured he'd need.  Pulled on his combat boots and laced them up tight.  Grabbed his warm pea coat from where it hung over his desk chair.  It was a pretty normal routine for the man, and didn't take much thought.  Because of that, the son of Discordia was able to think about other things while he went through the motions...mainly where he would find the daughter of Minerva.  That was always the problem with these things...but the man finally decided, on his way out the door, he'd check behind the Third Cohort barracks where he knew the girl had set up some sort of work station and kiln.

Pulling his coat closer to his shoulders in the chilly air, Elijah headed out.  Winter had definitely hit upstate New York, though it was nearly as bad as where the man had grown up.  Even though he had grown up in the frigid temperatures of upstate Maine, the small man hated the cold at all.  Jack usually blamed it on the fact that the man was so tiny...and he was probably right.  All skin and bones, the small man had no "meat" to protect himself.  He dealt with it okay, though, especially here.  In all fairness, it was probably in the negatives in Bridgewater, or close to.  Walking the beaten path through camp, the son of Discordia headed to the Third Cohort barracks.  It was always weird to head back there, as that was where he had started off, as the cohort's Centurion.  There were a lot of memories there...Elijah wasn't necessarily one for nostalgia, but sometimes it hit.  He thought about the barracks, and living with Lúth before he was made a Praetor.  It was a bit strange.  Walking around back, the boy was grateful to see Daelia there.  Saving all that time searching was definitely a plus.

"Hey, Daelia," Elijah said with a smile as he approached the girl.  She appeared to be working...the man hoped he wasn't being a nuisance or an interruption.  He didn't know a ton about pottery, but he was sure it required some degree of concentration.  However, the girl did seem to be examining something smaller.  Definitely a curious thing.  "How are you doing?" the awkward side of Elijah came out when he realized he wasn't entirely sure what to say to the girl.  Well, at least how to start things off.  He had plenty to say...between her claiming, thanking her for being at his wedding reception and the gorgeous gift...it was just a means of introducing it all.  "Just wanted to come by and..." the boy pushed his glasses up his nose absentmindedly.  "Talk about stuff.  You know.  All of that."

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