Unexpected ((Calix; PG13--L))

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Unexpected ((Calix; PG13--L))

Post by Calla Torquatus on Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:02 pm

((Set:  Early/mid July))

Something had been making Calla feel sick to her stomach for a few days, now.  There was just this constant nausea that had been plaguing her since Tuesday, so it had still been less than a week, but on top of that, there was something that was just sending butterflies into her stomach, as well.  The two sensations were less than pleasurable for the legacy.  That something was that she was late on her week from hell.  The last time she was late, she was fourteen and going through hormonal changes, even then it just switched from the beginning of the month to a week later...this was all before she was active, too.  But, now it's been three weeks since she was supposed to be having that natural sign saying she was pregnant, and the nerves of this were getting to her.  So, she decided to set out for a day-trip to Manhattan to pick up some stuff that she "needed for school" and to "check on her apartment."  While she did that she went out to the store and grabbed a few things for her apartment and a few things that she or Calix needed for Camp, stopped back at the apartment for a little bit and went on her way back to Long Island.

What happened after she had gotten back from her trip, she was not prepared for.  She'd briefly mentioned to Calix that she was nervous and had given him the reason why, which is why she went out to the city that day, anyway.  But, now it was confirmed by two little red lines.  An overwhelming mix of emotions sent Calla into tears.  She wasn't sure whether she was excited, happy, nervous, or down right scared of what this meant.  Calla picked up the test and held it in a way that Calix would be able to see the result, and waited for his reaction, quietly. 

That was the other thing that she was nervous about...
His reaction.


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