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River Spring plot page

Post by River Spring on Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:52 pm

River Spring

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Short Character Description:
River has long chocolate brown hair and moss green eyes. She is slim and has some freckles under her eyes and on the bridge of her nose. River is a very hyper person so she's usually got a lot of energy. She doesn't concentrate very well and is dancing (or being weird) at the most inappropriate times. Very occasionally she will get very, very angry (but not very often).River is a weird person but very creative and friendly. She loves art, horses, dancing, archery and most random things. She basically has a very colourful personality (couldn't find another way to describe it).

Desired plots:
~River needs a friend who can  calm her down a bit but not make her miserable.
~Pegasus riding outing with people

Anything else?
[open to any other suggestions]
River Spring
River Spring
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