Skulls for the skull throne ((PG-13: L, V))

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Skulls for the skull throne ((PG-13: L, V))  Empty Skulls for the skull throne ((PG-13: L, V))

Post by Ana Larive on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:52 pm

Ana Larive was laying onto her bunk bed in the barracks of the Third Cohort, busy letting herself vent off her anger.
Earlier today, she went to the Arena to completely destroy dummies and take the insanely violent feeling off of her chest by lashing out onto something. When it didn't work and she found herself tired, but still burning with hatred, she went into the woods, hoping to smash more things, preferably living ones. Disappointed in the lack of creatures to kill, she looked at the sky and cursed the gods, cursed the titans, cursed the entire wolf, and most of all, cursed Gabrielle Fontaine. She cried in anger, screaming and screaming until her voice was hoarse. Then, she realized that without the daughter of Dionysus, she had nowhere to go, expect her supposed "home"; the barracks of the Third Cohort. She never bothered to meet anyone from her cohort, and probably never would.
As she arrived, she simply nestled herself onto her bed, looking at anyone approaching her with pure hatred. She was radiating, her chaotic powers feeding on her torment, on her hatred for the other french girl in camp, on her shame of wasting her first romantic feeling onto a girl like her, and most of all, of the deep feeling of betrayal that coursed through her. Turning the volume of her MP3 up, she felt herself drown in the power of Death Metal, finally separated from the sounds of the world around her, her mind ringing with the powerful song. She found herself raising her fist in the air, screaming along the song, feeling as if she was becoming and embodiment of anarchy itself, her mother letting her be the herald of destruction and disorder. "Blood for the blood god!" Ana screamed along. "Skulls for the skull thrones!"
She traced a path upon her face with chalk, forming two vertical lines going from her eyes and getting down her cheeks to her chin. The same path had been traced by tears when she was hit by sadness before going in her state of berserk rage, but now, all she could feel war her very core being fueled by a volcano of fire and fury.
She was a disgrace. Putting her trust in Gabrielle, in a greek demigod, had been a dumb thing to do. And now here were the consequences. Her hunger for vengeance was insatiable. She wanted to see their camp burn, taken by the flames and claimed by fire, cleansing every single one of them and asserting roman superiority...
Shaking her head, she pressed the "pause" button of her MP3. What was wrong with her?
Did she want to see a river of blood flowing at her feet, satisfying her beyong measure, feeding the chaos in her? Or did she want to move on, make her life as a Huntress of Artemis and forget the girl who broke her heart?
She had no answer for these questions, and so she remained silent on her bed, staring at her bow with empty eyes. She was lost, and felt as if nobody could help her. And a part of her didn't want help. The punkette only desired to rot away and be done with her life. To fall in the welcoming embrace of Thanatos and reach the Asphodels. And most of all, to be free, free of the world and the weight on her shoulders.
Ana Larive
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