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Ana Larive

Post by Ana Larive on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:39 pm

Ana Larive

17 I I Homosexual I I Single

Short character description:

Ana Larive is a daughter of Discordia Sejungus who went through many fights in her life. Going from adoptive family to adoptive family, she was forced to settle down when she was obligated to choose a family or be kicked out. She abandonned school when she was 16, judging the level of education of her high school inferior to what she already knew. Since then, she went on a road trip along Europe, going to concerts across countries and taking photographies, working as a waiter when she needed quick cash to fill her needs.
This makes her rather lonely and independent, having learned that she can hardly trust people; but despite her negative first opinion with Camp Jupiter, she finally embraced her new life thanks to a greek friend.
Since then, she formed her wish to join the Huntresses of Artemis, finding in the group a meaning to her existence and an answer to her questions.
Dedicated, combative and persistent, she tries to be a normal person, despite her constant fight against her inner Chaos, menacing her and the people around her like a ticking bomb.

Desired plots:


While Ana is not as aggresive and violent as she used to be, she is still impulsive and can easily get in fights. Any ennemy/frenemy plot would be appreciated.


Ana recently became more open to interactions with people, making her eligible for friendship plots. Even better if the person is a huntress of Artemis!

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