Ask For Answers ((Mia Ioannou)) [PG-13: L, S]

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Ask For Answers ((Mia Ioannou)) [PG-13: L, S]

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:25 am

For the first time in a long while, Elijah was feeling a sense of calm in his life.  This was certainly saying something for a young adult born of chaos...but things were feeling easier than ever.  The boy had a boyfriend who he loved more than anything, and would certainly be with forever.  Two months after his and Jack's two year anniversary, the two were falling into a peaceful lull of romantic happiness.  That meant it was two months and two years after the two had gotten together, and it still felt like they were in the "honeymoon phase" the son of Discordia had read about or learned about at some point of time.  Not that that was a bit thing, it was just a little strange to Elijah.  Not that he'd want it any other way.  Between Jack and his friends like River and Mia, the small boy was feeling a lot more confident in his life.  He had never had friends before...he had never had anyone before.  Now Elijah did have people...and he loved them, and they loved him.  It was a feeling he had never felt before, and it was the best feeling in the world.  Through most of his life, the boy figured he'd be fine without love and family and companionship...he was so grateful he had proved himself wrong.

Elijah found himself pacing his bedroom in the Principia, though.  He didn't want to go into the main room and risk legionnaires coming in and ruining his sense of calm.  Though he could probably find Jack or someone and just relax with them, the small boy was feeling content in his room.  The brook outside his window was bubbling happy with the weather, and occasionally Elijah heard a naiad laugh.  Even pacing felt like an act of relaxation rather than anxiety and frustration.  Drawing back the curtains on his window, the boy peeked out the window.  The water was bubbly and splashing, probably due in part to the naiads.  It was a nice looking day out...the Praetor hadn't been out since breakfast that morning...maybe he should go for a walk in a bit.  He could find a nice spot by the lake or something and journal some.

But something was telling him he had to stay put for the time being.  A feeling in his gut...maybe someone would be looking for him and he needed to be in his room.  It wasn't unheard of...Elijah's friends were always just barging into his room like it had some sort of revolving door.  He didn't mind for the most part, but River had seen a bit too much at one point, which was slightly humiliating.  At first she had started knocking before coming in, but that habit didn't last too long.  Otherwise, the people closest to the small boy just came on in to his room...sometimes they needed something, sometimes they needed to talk, sometimes they wanted to sit, and sometimes they wanted to demand that the son of Discordia needed to get out of the Principia.  The boy's friends truly looked out for him and his well being...something Elijah was eternally grateful for.  It was easy for him to get lost in his head, and the people around him worked hard to keep him sane.  Elijah was pretty sure that dealing with him was a full time job.

Not that he didn't work hard to keep his friends sane.  Elijah always offered himself as a sounding board, some advice if needed, and lots of hugs and cuddles.  The whole hugs and cuddles thing was still a little strange to the boy...he had never been physical in any way, shape or form in his mortal life.  If it wasn't hitting someone, the boy bristled at even the smallest bump in the hallway.  But it turned out it wasn't so bad after least, not with important people.  In fact, hugs and cuddles were quite nice...and other things, when it came to Jack.  Sitting down on his bed, Elijah looked around his room.  There was still a paint can in his room from a year ago when he had needed to paint over bloodstains on the walls from punching them.  The boy had no idea where to put it.  It wasn't so terrible, aside from the things it reminded him of.  Looking away, the small boy looked out the window again...he was not going to let that damn paint can ruin his mood.

His journal was open on his desk, a pen laying across the page.  Earlier, Elijah had started writing something, but he had lost concentration pretty quickly.  Ever since starting his first journal a few days after he and Jack got together, the boy had been making sure to keep one regularly.  It helped him sort through the chaos, in a very chaotic way.  Elijah didn't just write in lines, he wrote in diagonal lines, circles, had to be confusing as hell to look at, but it helped.  That first journal had been Jack's one year anniversary gift, and he managed to read it just fine...over and over, according to the son of Venus.  Elijah liked that.  Looking up at his door sharply, the boy's eyebrows furrowed.  Was someone out there?  Well...the boy supposed they would make themselves known if there was.  It was truly nothing to worry about.


Thank you to all the Hillywood, so honored! <3
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Re: Ask For Answers ((Mia Ioannou)) [PG-13: L, S]

Post by Mia Ioannou on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:57 pm

The woman was freaking out, and it showed it. Mia felt fidgety, and couldn’t sit still for long as a result. Her hair was a mess from Mia running her hands through it repeatedly, and it crackled with pent up static. She sat on her bed, holding the paper loosely in her slightly shaking hands. Mia had read the damn thing how many times now and she still couldn’t get it through her head? How could Kali actually expect her to be someone’s mother? She could barely take care of herself! Mia numbly reread the words again, fisting a hand in her hair, hoping in vain that it would make the words change.


I know I never write, but Grandma said to write you. said that you’d know what to do.

Jason and Myka got into a bad wreck. Jason died and Myka’s in the hospital. Uncle Alex says she’ll be fine but here’s the thing: his mother was some goddess, so that makes Myka a Legacy or whatever, right? Don’t ask me which because Jason never told me. I don’t even think he knew. She thinks that you hang the moon and I can’t take her. Not when I know that in a few years she’ll be monster bait.

So come get her. Take her to your camp. Jason still loved you Jason asked that you take her Jason named you and me Myka’s godparents, so come get her. Adopt her. You’re 22 so you can take her. I can’t raise Jason’s daughter without him I can’t protect her and she’ll be safe with you at your camp. Surely your bosses will understand right? It could be early training or whatever.

Please, Mia. I need you to do this. Myka needs someone who can be there for her and with the hours I work, I can’t do that.

She looks like Jason.

Call me when you decide.


How the hell was someone supposed to take that?
She knew that Myka remembered her; Mia had seen her this past January for crying out loud, but now Mia was supposed to adopt her after she lost her dad? To go from Auntie to mother was a massive change, and that’s not even taking the huge move that would happen. Could Myka even speak English? And would Calix and Elijah let her bring a 4 year old to camp? Could someone even join the legion at that age? Gods, she was so screwed… Twenty-fucking-two and she was to be someone’s fucking mother! Mia leaned her head back against the wall and sighed deeply. “Dammit, Kalidas…” she muttered, swinging her legs over the side of her bed. The Greek stood, leaving the slightly crumpled letter on her bed, and slumped to the baths. She prayed the steam would help her clear her head.

Mia needed to talk to someone about this, but who? Calla was in New York, Calix had his own shit to deal with, and Elijah… Elijah could work. But there were somethings that Mia worried about when it came to Elijah. He was busy with work, Jack was gone in New York, and who knew how the hell he would react to something like this. It’s not every day that someone asks if they could bring a small child to camp and have them live with them because her father had died in a freak accident. And she didn’t even know that Jason was a demigod? When the hell did that happen? The woman sighed, leaning against the shower wall and closed her eyes. Where would Myka even stay? She was certainly too young to be on her own in a cohort, so would her sorting be put off till she was older, or would Elijah and Calix allow her to be in First? She sighed again, her shoulders sagging under the weight that was dropped on her. Mia wondered if this was how her mother felt when she found out she was pregnant with Mia and Matthais. Daphne hadn’t been much older than Mia was, after all.

By the time she was done, Mia knew she looked more haggard than she did when she went in. All the unanswered questions… Mia kept coming back to one thing though: how the hell was she going to care for a small human when she could barely keep herself straight? Mia wasn’t known for staying on top of her own health, after all, having fallen into the nasty habit of taking care of others before herself. Mia sighed again – she had been doing that a lot, lately – and laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. ”What the hell am I going to do?” she muttered. She sat up and looked at the letter and at the many pictures she kept on her nightstand. A family picture of her and her family, Blayze, Catherine, her parents; her and Matt when they were eight; Mia and Blayze’s twins. There were the pictures of Greece, like her families’ winery, the miles of grape vines, and olive orchards, that picture of Kali, Jason, and her, covered in grape juice laughing their asses off. Several candid photos of her and her friends: Calla, Calix and her when they were younger and the world of demigods didn’t include the Greeks; the three of them again at Calix’s wedding; her and Elijah that one time she convinced him to do a selfie with her…

“I should talk to Elijah,” she murmured to herself. ”He’ll be able to sort through this mess…” So Mia grabbed the letter and the small cigar box – Jason, like her step-brother, always had an obsession with collecting cigar boxes and stuffing them full of mementos – stuffed them in her bag and headed for the Principia. Her nerves got worse the closer she got, and it made her hair stick up weird.

The woman knocked on the door of Elijah’s room, which she realized after she had done it that she hadn’t done that in all the time she had known the guy. She knew that she looked like hell, and she half-heartedly hoped that Elijah wouldn’t notice, but she knew he would. He never failed to notice, even without his powers. ”Elijah…” She called quietly as she opened the door. ”You’re not busy, are you?” Mia hovered in the doorway, fiddling with the box in her hands, trying to ignore how the wispy strands of her hair stuck to her face from the static.[/i]


Credit to Calla Torquatus!


Mia speaks in #1cbbb4. If the speech is italicized then it is meant to be spoken in Modern Greek.
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