Eris and Discordia {not a plot page for the lilly livered...}

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Eris and Discordia {not a plot page for the lilly livered...}

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:22 pm

Eris (Greek)
Discordia (Latin)

Hella Old || Doesn't have a sexual preference really || Single for eternity and prefers it that way
Goddess of Chaos, Strife, and Discord

Also here, here and here

Short Character Description:
She is undeniably clever, but for the most part her skill is really to delve into the heart of humanity and whisper to that ember of doubt, or long forgotten pain, or spot of vanity, and letting them do all the hard work for her.
Hesiod described her once
"...through the will of the deathless gods, men pay harsh Strife her honour due."
She is what she is because humanity demands she be so.
She often gets bored and likes to "shake things up" but Eris is not evil. She believes the role of a goddess is much too complicated to be wrapped up in definitively ‘good’ or ‘evil’.
Sneaky, sly, aloof, and for the most part apathetic with the world. For the most part she lives in a sketchy flat by herself in some vague part of New York where the Pantheon is weary to be seen.

Desired plots:
~Children if any of her kids would like to RP and/or have a plot let me know.She isn't going to just pop in to say hi, but we can think of something.
~Gods I think it would be fun to get a feud going perhaps? Or an alliance..It might give the kids something else to fight about which is always a good time.
~Vague Mischief if you have any interesting ideas let me know.

Anything else?
Feel free to PM me as well. Remember kids, peace and quiet are never fun.


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