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Alex Stone

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:54 pm

Alex Stone
(Sorry, not enough time to get a pic D:)
Unclaimed Greek Demigod

Short Character Description
Alex is rebellious, sarcastic, and has a weird sense of music. She's not necessarily your number one best friend, but she'll stick to your side when you need her. Often though, music is a way for Alex to forget, other times, it turns her into another person. You won't get along with her easily at first approach, but eventually Alex with warm up to you. Some side talents she has is striking your pressure points (could cause you to flinch or to fall unconscious if hit in the right spot) and lucid dreaming.


- Fighting, mess hall, Capture the Flag, pretty much anything is fine. (Not sure about love and stuff but I think I'll be fine with that)

Anything Else:

- Nope!


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