Mark Summers

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Mark Summers

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:43 am

Mark Summers

15 || Straight || Open to the idea of a relationship

Short Character Description:
Mark is gentle and easy going but can be awkward to be with sometimes. He doesn't make the first move on anyone so he doesn't get on very well with people who are shy. They say opposites attract so ark gets on better with lively people who are are extroverts. He often gets sad when he's alone and thinks about his family but when people are around they keep his mind off the topic. Mark is fairly tall for his age standing at 6ft and has black hair with brown eyes

Desired plots:
~Mark needs a best friend someone who would be like a brother or sister to him.
~A frenemy someone who he  can't stand but sometimes can be good friends with.
-Mark needs an unforgettable experience and someone(s) to  share it with, near death would be perfect.

Anything else?
I'm up pretty much anything else that anyone has in mind


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