A shim and a shine (closed Jo) [pg13 L]

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A shim and a shine (closed Jo) [pg13 L] Empty A shim and a shine (closed Jo) [pg13 L]

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:38 pm

Pink and yellow etched themselves across the sky, a gentle morning breeze caught Rory’s hair. It was still barely morning, so the demigod was relatively alone, she made her way barefoot to watch the world come awake. An old habit that died hard, whenever she was nervous she would wake early and watch her namesake rise across the sky. Dawn was beautiful at camp, there was never any rain to ruin the view, a perfect picture of the sun rising.  Rory kew she shouldn’t be nervous, though that didn’t stop the pit in her stomach. There was no reason to be nervous, all she was doing was going to give a friend a make-over (a drastically needed one at that).

Compared to things she had done in the past it should be nothing, but it was. Not once in her life had she ever had a true friend, until she met elijah. Then Elijah turned out to be her brother so it really didn’t count. Jo however, she wasn’t Rory’s sister (yet) and if she as Rory would have some praying to someone for forgiveness because. As much as she tried to fight it, Rory liked Jo. She liked, her smile, the way she laughed, how her eyes got when she learned something new and wonderful. To make it simple Rory was royally fucked.

As much as Rory wanted to sit and stare at the sky until she had an idea for a new tattoo, things needed to be done. Luckily a few people owed Rory and favour and she had gotten all of her jobs for the day covered. Pulling her long dark hair up she moved to walk back towards her cohort. Feet dragging slightly scraping off her dark blue nail polish. Any other day she would have stopped, but today she knew she was going to repaint them later that day.  Finally back in her cohort , she put the necessary undergarments on and pulled her long hair into a tight braid.  

It was around noon and rory was awkwardly sitting outside picking at the dark stain on her fingers. She started biting at her lip and checking her watch every three seconds.  When the other teen came into view she was wearing the same ratted dress she always did. With a tisk she stood up to greet the teen. [color:0290= #990012]“First things first, we are going to wash your hair” she smiled taking the girls hand and pulling her into the building.


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A shim and a shine (closed Jo) [pg13 L] Empty Re: A shim and a shine (closed Jo) [pg13 L]

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:45 pm

Jo Wormwood awoke in Cabin Eleven with a start. The girl in the bunk above her - Sophie? Sadie? - had shifted around a lot, making the bed creak loudly. Sometimes it wasn’t so great to be such a light sleeper. She sighed, glancing at the digital clock on her bedside table. It was… early. Jo bit her lip and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, staring up at the bottom of the top bunk blearily. Today she was spending the day with Rory. The entire day. She recalled something about sleeping somewhere too, though she wasn’t sure if Rory would be allowed in her cabin, and she probably wouldn’t be allowed in Rory’s cohort either. Maybe they’d go camping. To say that she was nervous would have been an understatement and a half. Since the two had met, they’d gotten to be quite good friends. Maybe Rory was even her best friend. She’d never had a best friend before.

Jo sat up in bed, drawing her knees up to hug them to her bare chest. It was scary, having people know her, and yet not really know her at all. There were a lot of things she couldn’t tell people, things she didn’t know how to talk about, things that weren’t important, and yet somehow were. She’d done a lot of things, homeless. Things people would sneer at her for, be disgusted at. Things that would even make people scared of her, despite first impressions. She wasn’t normal, she knew that. She didn’t know how to function in basic society, she didn’t know anything about the world at all… she’d only just begun to learn how to read. Why would anyone want to even acknowledge her, let alone befriend her? Especially someone like Rory. Rory could have any friend she wanted if she tried, and for some reason she stuck around with Jo. Bizarre.

Jo liked to think she knew Rory a little. On the outside, she was tough and flirtatious, stubborn and sarcastic. Now that she had been claimed by Discordia, people tended to judge her even more without getting to know her. Just because the Goddess gave birth to her, that meant all she cared about was chaos. Rory acted like she didn’t care. But really, the girl was kind. Kind, caring, protective and absolutely beautiful too. She had secrets, like anyone, Jo knew that. But she hated when people judged her friend. People saw her as someone she wasn’t. Rory was a wonderful person. And I have no idea what she’s doing with me.

The seventeen-year-old sighed to herself again, looking around the cabin. A couple of people were starting to stir, getting ready to go to the arena, or exercise somewhere. They did a lot of that. Jo lied back down, pretending to be asleep. She was supposed to meet with Rory closer to lunchtime, so she’d wait for now. She couldn’t stand the idea of going down to the Mess Hall and being surrounded by all those people… maybe Rory would have food. Jo sighed again, pulling her blanket over her head. She was in a weird mood.

After a while, Jo fell back to sleep, for once oblivious to the people and noise around her. Surprisingly enough, people left her alone, and some people even tried to be quiet to let her sleep. A good few hours had passed by the time she woke up again, but she was in no better mood as she glared at the clock that said it was eleven.

Jo slowly got out of bed, looking around the Cabin to make sure no one was there and if they were, they were sleeping. She grabbed her dress from the floor and pulled it on, scrunching her nose a little at the smell. Maybe she should borrow someone else’s clothes again. Or wash her dress in a river in the forest? Jo walked over to the mirror on the wall in front of her and cocked her head. She looked awful. Dirty, vile dress that she’d had for too many years. Disgusting, ratty hair that she hadn’t washed in a few days, and that was only with water. She stepped closer to the mirror, reaching out to touch it with her hand. She forced a toothy smile, then frowned. How did people get their teeth so white? Hers certainly weren’t. She supposed she was lucky to have any at all. So many people she’d come across on the streets were completely toothless, mashing scraps of food with their rotting gums. Jo would rummage through all sorts of bins, and it was surprising what stores would throw out. Toothbrushes that had slightly damaged packaging, toothpaste they’d accidentally ordered and didn’t need… it wasn’t much, and it didn’t happen often, but clearly it was enough.

That and the fact she never touched drugs probably helped her appearance a lot. Jo chewed her bottom lip as she poked her ribs through her dress. She’d gained a lot of weight since living at Camp, but she still wasn’t very healthy.

Jo leaned forwards, resting her forehead on the mirror. It genuinely shocked her that people willingly associated with something like her. Maybe it helped when she borrowed people’s clothing. Maybe she should do that when she was with Rory. She rested her palm against the mirror, squeezing her eyes shut before pushing off and leaving the cabin, before she could think anymore about it. Jo had never been to Camp Jupiter before, and she was nervous. She’d heard tales of how hated the Greeks were there, so she’d brought her knife along just in case anything happened. At least in daylight it was much harder to surprise her. Jo guessed walked along, clutching her knife tight and keeping a watchful eye out.

As more people came into view, her eyes darted around, assessing everyone quickly, quietly. Did anyone hate the Greeks so much they’d kill one? She hadn’t heard anything like it yet, but there was always a first. She followed the map of Camp Jupiter carefully, and soon enough, Rory’s cohort came into view. Rory herself was sat outside and Jo couldn’t help a smile from brightening her face as the other girl stood stood up.

"First things first, we are going to wash your hair,” she said before grabbing her hand and pulling her into the building. Jo’s eyes widened slightly and her knife hand twitched with reflexes before she stopped herself and let Rory drag her inside.

You… don’t like my hair?” she asked timidly, blowing a strand out of her eyes. She knew she should have done something to it, Rory probably thought she was horrible. “ I, um… I like your hair,” she muttered. She’d seen people wear their hair like that before, but it seemed complicated. Jo could barely tie her hair up in a ponytail without having a crisis.

So, um… what are we going t-t-t-to do t-today? After… after my hair,” she asked, looking around the building a little worriedly. She felt even more out of place here then she did at Camp Half-Blood. Rory had always seemed so natural wherever she was that Jo was a little jealous. The only place I’ll ever really belong are the streets, and I’m never going back there if I can help it.


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