Out Of Character ((Calix Kiril))

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Out Of Character ((Calix Kiril))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:50 pm

Day 1

The thing...whatever the thing was...was terrifying.  It had been a quiet morning...Jack had chosen to go back to his barrack rather than join Elijah on his run and training session.  The older boy had mumbled something about needing more sleep as he pulled his shirt on backwards.  Sometimes it was nice for the boy to go through his routine alone, anyway.  The thing had't been there when Elijah had gone out or come back in.  It hadn't been there when he met up with Calix after a shower so they could run morning Muster.  The small boy had gone back to his room afterwards, wanting to get a few things in order before going out to the main room of the Principia to get work done.  That was when he saw it, sitting on his desk, facing him.  It was pink, and was probably supposed to be a cat...but it had tentacles.  Honestly, Elijah found it a bit disturbing.  Well, more than a bit.  The boy had always been a fan of science fiction.  He'd seen plenty of aliens with tentacles.  He was a huge fan of Lovecraft, which pretty much implied a love of Cthulhu.  Cthulhu had lots of tentacles...that was sort of the point of the old God.  But kittens, especially pink ones, weren't supposed to have tentacles.  It was wrong.

Who had left it, was the question.  Elijah had tiptoed back to see if Calix was there.  The other Praetor's bedroom door was shut.  That meant he was either in (it was quiet...maybe he was sleeping?) or he had left.  But where had he gone to?  Going back to the main room, glancing warily at the cat with tentacles, the small boy tugged on the heavy doors.  They were locked.  So either Calix had left or was in his room.  Someone could have slipped in the Principia and left it during Muster...but why was it sitting on Elijah's desk rather than Calix's?  It had to have been Calix who left it there.  Taking his keys out of his pocket, the small boy unlocked the Principia doors.  He propped one open with a large stone nearby.  Fresh air and sunshine would keep that evil tentacle kitty at bay.  Walking over to his desk, Elijah sat down, looking the demon stuffed animal in the eyes.  That should show the thing who's boss.  "You're a stuffed animal," he said firmly before backtracking.  "I'm afraid of a stuffed animal," he said defeatedly.  Well there was no need to be afraid...it was just a stuffed animal!

Pushing the thing to the back of his desk, Elijah looked at the paperwork on his desk.  It wasn't much, but there was probably more on the long table.  Grabbing a pen from the side of the desk, the boy's hand brushed the stuffed animal.  He jumped, pulling away and almost falling off his chair.  "Stop it!" he demanded of the kitten with tentacles.  Anyone watching would think the boy was a nut case.  With a soft huff, Elijah carefully turned the cat away so its eyes weren't on him.  "Melius est, diabolum turpis," he mumbled in Latin.  Even with its eyes and cute little nose turned away, the pink tentacles were still completely visible.  Wanting to prove that he was better than some silly stuffed animal, the son of Discordia took a deep breath and turned to the paperwork before him.  It was the normal stuff, reports from Centurions or issues coming out of the barracks.  But Elijah's mind wasn't really on it all at the moment.  There was still that stuffed animal in his view, the pink tentacles making him a bit jumpy.  Who would think to do that to a sweet kitten stuffed animal?  It was wrong and disturbing and...someone was trying to worm their way into Elijah's psyche...someone who knew him well and would enjoy seeing him squirm.  It had to be Calix.

Turning the thing back around, the boy frowned at it.  "Where did he even find you? Elijah asked the stuffed animal.  It seemed like an odd thing to just show up at camp.  Had Calix mail ordered it?  But where had he found it...was there a computer in the senate building in New Rome?  If so, did the computer have internet?  Calix's father was on the senate, though the small boy was pretty sure they weren't on the best of terms anymore.  The legacy of Bellona could still slip in, probably.  Maybe it was one of the campers' and Calix found it laying around and thought it would be fun to tease Elijah.  Maybe this wasn't Calix's doing at all!  But as the small boy stared at the thing, he was pretty sure it was his best friend messing with him.  The other Praetor had an odd sense of humor, and the son of Discordia was pretty sure this fit in with things he would find amusing.  "Are you Calix's pet?" the boy asked accusingly before shaking his head out.  Elijah was talking to a stuffed animal.  Out loud.  If anyone wanted to send the boy out in a straightjacket, they might as well do it now.  This was not the behavior of someone sane.

"Fine!" Elijah threw his hands up in the air.  Taking the monster of a stuffed animal in his hand, Elijah threw it across the room.  It landed with a soft noise, far enough that the small boy felt a lot more comfortable about being in the room with it at all.  If Calix came in, he'd see it, have a laugh, and they'd both get on with their lives.  The tentacle kitten stuffed animal would be safely stored away where Elijah didn't have to see it, and get the creeps from seeing it.  Maybe Elijah was giving the thing too much power, but it really creeped him out.  Kittens and tentacles shouldn't go together, and the whole thing just terrified him for whatever dumb reason.  With a deep breath, the boy looked down at his pile of paperwork, finally feeling he could get everything accomplished without a demon tentacle kitten eating him or something just as scary.


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