Like Peas In A Pod ((Lúthien Kiril))

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Like Peas In A Pod ((Lúthien Kiril)) Empty Like Peas In A Pod ((Lúthien Kiril))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:42 am

Elijah and his sister had always had a very odd relationship.  From the very beginning...the two were, after all, children of Discordia.  It sort of made sense that they'd work (or not work) very chaotically together.  The thing was, Elijah had always wanted an older sister.  Aside from the fact that it had been impossible in the mortal world, since Elijah was already born, the boy hoped.  He never even got a younger sibling...the boy hadn't known until he was older that Jody wasn't biologically able to have children.  Either way, it didn't exactly matter anymore.  Things were different at camp...and the small boy had the older sister he had always wanted.  Funny how it just worked out like that.  But things had always been like a tug of war with Lúth.  The siblings got along sometimes.  Sometimes they couldn't stand each other.  Again, the children of Discordia thing.  In the end, though, Elijah loved his sister.  And he knew she cared a lot about him, even if she never outright said it.  It worked, and the boy liked things the way they are...he couldn't really say he wanted things to be any different.  At one point, Elijah had wanted more from his sister than she was willing to give...but after her kidnapping and amnesia, the boy was grateful she was there at all.

The blue crystal that had been Discordia's gift to Lúth was still in Elijah's possession.  He had tried to give it back, but his sister refused to take it.  She had never wanted it...five minutes of peace...that was what their mother had gifted her daughter.  It didn't work for Elijah...the thing was specially made for Lúth.  The small boy didn't have a problem with that.  But he thought about those months when Lúth was the crystal had kept the boy assured that his sister wasn't dead, the way everyone thought.  That was certainly something.  As he usually did before leaving his room, Elijah slipped the crystal into his bag.  There was no point in wearing it anymore, though he liked having it with him.  When it wasn't in his bag, it was on his bedside table.  Jack never questioned it (thank the Gods)...the small boy just felt better with it around.  It was something he would never tell his sister.  Some secrets were always necessary.  Elijah didn't know if Lúth still thought about the crystal, but he figured not.  Her amnesia had been bad, and recovery doubtfully covered a gift she hadn't wanted in the first place.  But for whatever reason, Elijah refused to get rid of it.  He could throw it in the sound or bury it somewhere in the woods...but that just didn't seem right.  So he held onto it, for some reason that he didn't know...and might never know.

Lúth wanted Elijah in the Third Cohort barracks.  He didn't know why, but he had sort of learned not to question his sister too much.  She was just as stubborn as Elijah, and questions between them always ended up in a nasty tug of war.  And a lot of the time, Elijah was okay with that.  It was just how they were.  Today, the boy was hoping they were taking a break from that.  He just wanted to spend some quality time with Lúth...while things were good.  Things had most been good recently, anyway.  When Elijah and Jack had been "broken up", Lúth had been a major support for her brother.  The small boy hadn't been expecting that...his sister was so emotionally closed off and all.  But she had been there for him a lot.  The son of Discordia would always be grateful for that.  Really, the boy had tried to keep things quiet.  Surely the members of the First Cohort noticed that their Centurion was there all the time, though it was doubtful they knew why.  The boy had told River, though it didn't really matter now that she was all the way in the city.  Other than that, Elijah had only told Calix and Lúth.  He really didn't want to deal with the aftershocks of something like that.  But Lúth and Calix had both risen to the occasion and been very strong supports.

So if Lúth asked him to come see her in the barrack, Elijah wasn't really in a position to say no.  Beside, he was slightly worried that something was wrong.  He knew it didn't make much sense that something would go wrong in the few hours since he had seen his sister, but Elijah was a worrier.  He had no idea where he picked it up from, but somewhere along the way, he just started worrying.  In some ways, he was still reeling from everything with Jack, even though it had been months.  A normal person would have been over it by now.  And Elijah was mostly over it, but sometimes things would come up and it would hit him like a ton of bricks.  That was typically when he sought Jack out and clung to him until the feeling went away.  Unless he was working in the Principia and couldn't really leave.  Today he was avoiding the Principia at least until he and Lúth were done talking or whatever.  Slinging his bag over his shoulder, Elijah walked out of his room with a slight bounce in his step.  He could tell from having the windows open in his room that it was a beautiful day.  Nodding to Calix at the long table, the boy headed outside, taking some deep breaths of fresh air.  It was lovely.

Since leaving the Third Cohort barrack to live in the Principia as a Praetor, there hadn't been many times Elijah had returned.  It wasn't a matter of feeling above the legionnaires, it was more that he just had no reason to go back.  To see Lúth...and the day when he and Jack had first met and the boy wanted to feel like things were simpler.  The day after Lúth had kidnapped and Elijah needed direction...that was the day he found the blue crystal.  It was weird to think of his old home.  It had been...probably about a year and a half since the boy had left the barrack.  It wasn't a long time to begin with, but it felt like it had gone by in the blink of an eye.  Pushing open the door to the Third Cohort, Elijah quickly saw his sister sitting on her bed.  Bounding over, he put his beg down to the side and sat down next to Lúth, getting comfortable.  "I was scared someone was messing with you," Elijah said jokingly.  "I was ready to break some bones," the boy was bad at openings, but it was better to start off light.

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Like Peas In A Pod ((Lúthien Kiril)) Empty Re: Like Peas In A Pod ((Lúthien Kiril))

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:57 pm

Things always were strange when Lúthien found herself alone in the third cohort. There was this very strange sense of nostalgia that Lúthien could never place when she was there. She had hardly ever belonged in this place and most of that period was nothing but a vague haze with a few clear moments. The barracks still seemed to bring about a change in the young woman though, making her act in ways that were not quite normal for her. Lúthien was rigid and closed off and only Calix was allowed to bond and connect with her. Not even Elijah had that privilege most of the time. Lúthien was not a social kind of person and now that she heard rumours about a new daughter of Chaos, she knew she could breathe. In a sense, she felt like she was no longer needed as the sister. She could leave that to her sister and just be free again. She and Elijah were nothing short of explosives. As for her sister? She didn't know the girl but she didn't feel like her sister had that strong of an urge to bond up and have a fun girls night. It wasn't her nature at the very least and Lúthien didn't even want to be that kind of girl. She'd leave that for the children of Venus and the likes. 

Yet for whatever reason, Lúthien was there, in the third cohort barracks while her people where out for battle practise. Lúthien found herself holding a hunting knife she'd found in her bunk. Judging by that place, she had the potential to be a child of Mars with the amount of weapons gathered in there. Still, daggers, hunting knives, a bow and gladius were not too extensive. Her most prized weapon decorated her hair either way. Lúthien held the hunting knife in one hand, the hairclip that transformed to her Lochaber Axe in the other, twirling in circles. This was home, was it not? She'd been here a few times during the day after Calix had found himself attacked. She'd even spent a night there at some point, or attempted to. In the end Calix was her magnet, always pulling her back as if he had his own extremely strong gravitational field about him. Something she couldn't have escaped, even if she'd wanted to.

She'd called for Elijah to meet her there that day, although she hardly remembered why. Now that she was seated, looking at her stuff, she couldn't even remember. Somewhere she knew, but maybe she just didn't want to admit it. Two people had escaped death by a fraction within the Roman camp. She and Calix and well, Lúthien was worried about Elijah. Even if she no longer needed to be his sister, she did have this strange urge to want him safe, while it felt like she didn't care on the other side. Indifferent care, in a strange sense of the word. She cared but at the same time she simply felt like she wasn't completely attached to the situation where her brother was involved, which always made her act strange. Did she care about Elijah? Certainly, not a doubt possible. Did she feel a strong emotional bond with him? Yes. Did she want to admit that bond and build some sort of trust or dependence? Most certainly not. Lúthien didn't do well when she knew people counted on her for anything. She was willing to help and, Gods help her, even organise things like she did for her cohort but she wasn't the girl to become that person.

Lúthien wanted to be like that, in a way. She wanted to help out and support people but she didn't want people to depend on her for anything. She believed in great personal strength and working like a team to defeat problems. She just didn't think that one person could solve the problems of another. She was more than willing to listen and comfort but when it came down to it, people in her cohort were sent to fight their own battles. Lúthien could push them up to the point it was almost cruel but she did it to make them stronger. To turn them into fighters. Warriors. Never dependant but always dependable. Those were things that Lúthien valued and that fitted within the Roman belief system well enough to get away with it. While she hated the responsibility, she took it on and made the best she could out of it. She wanted that balance and equality. She wanted her cohort to thrive, while in the past she probably wouldn't have cared half as much. By now she had unwillingly turned into a person worthy of trust and somebody that once again cared. It was a strange kind of change that Lúthien found strangely disturbing.

As Elijah came in and made his protective joke, Lúthien felt that smile touch her lips, even though it was not exactly warm or caring. She had business with her brother and his protective nature had always gotten on her nerves. Even in her weak moments where she had sought his support she had not desired his protection. She solved her own problems and did not depend on him. She was independent and wanted to stay that way. "Nice to see you too. You should know by now that I don't need to be protected from anything. Nobody messes with me these days and those that try fall hard. The only thing messing with me is your protective side that seems to think I need to be protected simply because I am your sister." Lúthien said, but that slight smile betrayed she meant him no harm. She just found the idea of him wanting to protect her slightly offensive. Just because she was a woman didn't mean she was weaker or any less capable of protecting herself from others. She was a strong woman and would ask for help despite her pride if she truly needed it. Right now, she didn't need his help. 

"I asked for you to come over because I feel we need to talk about certain things. There are matters at hand that require some serious conversation. After that we could always have a tea party." Lúthien said, giving a bit of a strange smile at the last part. She didn't actually intend to have a tea party but well, Elijah might want one and Lúthien was in a good enough mood to go along with that ride if he decided to go for it. For now, she just needed to make sure he had his guard up. Two close calls were far too many already and he was not just Praetor but also brother and best friend to the two previous victims. His death would hurt them beyond a doubt, meaning he needed to watch out. He was a logical target, easy or not. People would be foolish to attack him but as the attack on Calix had already proven, the fools could kill with deception and trickery. She didn't want Elijah to fall victim to that. He needed to have his guard up. Lúthien just wanted to make sure he did.


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