Reunion of the ones left behind ((Elijah))

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Reunion of the ones left behind ((Elijah))

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:01 am

It was dark in the Eris cabin... And empty. The sound of old clocks bounced off the multicolored walls. Dust was collecting in the corners and forgotten items were scattered randomly on the floor, never to be moved. It was cold and unwelcoming. The whole building seemed slightly lopsided, uneven. The floors were creaking under the memory of feet walking around. If someone were to peek into the cabin they would probably think it had been abandoned, but on one of the bunks a single person was laying on their back. She was as pale as a corpse and thin like one too. Her hair was long and strangely multicolored, glowing silver and ink black at the roots. She was staring blankly at the ceiling, her eyes a pale blue and her eyes a deep red. Skin white as snow... Hair black as night... If she wasn't a daughter of chaos, she'd be exactly like Snow White. Kristaria rolled onto her side, metallic arm glowing in the darkness. She rarely left her cabin anymore, she didn't bother to dye her hair silver, she was like a ghost now. Now Galen left to... Where ever he was going. Kris hadn't bothered to see him off... She was a terrible sister. A sigh broke through the repetitive ticking and tocking of the clocks that couldn't tell time.

The daughter of Eris was bored and broken and positively lonely. Kristaria hadn't interacted with anyone for months really... She needed to get out of the cabin, but that required effort. The daughter of Eris sighed again. She needed motivation... She could go see Elijah? Kris's eyes brightened up. That was a good idea. The daughter of Eris grinned and rolled off her bed, landing on the ground with a thump. Kris bounced back onto her feet and faced faced by her ratty reflection in the mirror. The daughter of Eris nearly screamed. Right... Kris had stopped taking care of her appearance a long time ago. The daughter of Eris grumbled to herself, resisting the urge to crawl back into bed. Hiding in the Eris cabin wouldn't solve anything. Kris groaned and grabbed a random sword from the corner of the room. With a flick of the girl's wrist and silver fell to the floor. All of the silver in Kris's hair was cut off, leaving silky black behind. The daughter of Eris stared at her reflection, it had been ages since she had seen her actual hair color. Kris ran her fingers through her hair cautiously as if it was foreign. Yet another sigh was let out to hang in the air as the daughter of Eris continued to hack away at her own hair.

When Kristaria had finished she felt like she looked too normal. The silver hair had made the daughter of Eris stand out in a crowd... However it also gave her away at night. Kris looked herself up and down in the mirror and shrugged. She grumbled something about clothing and moved about the cabin, wading through the discarded items on the floor while looking for her combat boot. thw daughter of Eris slipped on the boots when she found them, pulling on fingerless black gloves on as well and walked back to the mirror to look at herself. Kris shrugged at her appearance, ruffled her newly cut hair and grabbed her weapon, Arodex, who was leaning against a wall, collecting dust. Then after a quick look back at the dimly light cabin the daughter of Eris opened the door and slammed it behind her. The outside of the cabin was the complete opposite of the inside. It was early afternoon and the whole world was bright and full of life. Kris flinched against the sunlight touching her deathly pale skin. She decided that she no longer liked being outside... It was too happy. The daughter of Eris grumbled cursed under her breath as she wandered to the Roman camp.  Kris really couldn't remember the last time she had spoken with her Roman brother. It had happened a long time ago when she had lost her arm. Now would be a good time to visit him, if he wasn't busy of course.

Kris kept her eyes to the ground, her tattered and faded camp shirt standing out in a sea of purple. The daughter of Eris dragged Arodex behind her, that staff leaving a visible trail behind Kris. She didn't know her way around the Roman camp very well, but she was able to find her way to the Principia with relative ease. Kris walked up to what she believed was her brother's room and knocked on the door a few times, her right hand making a metallic banging sound against the door. She bit her lip when there was no immediate answer. Was she in the wrong place? Kris grumbled somethings inaudibly and knocked again. The daughter of Eris hesitated before reaching for the door knob cautiously.  "Elijah?"   Kris breathed, her voice sounded like glass that could shatter at any moment. The daughter of Eris was surprised by the sound of her own voice. "Are you there? It's Kris..."


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