I Come Bearing Gifts! ((Elijah))

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I Come Bearing Gifts! ((Elijah))

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:59 pm

Charlie Keer was having a pretty great day.

He'd arrived in New York that morning on a Greyhound bus. He'd had plenty of money saved up from teaching silks lessons before... Well, before. There was a before and an after and no in between, not to Charlie. The in between was a fire--a horrible fire. Except Charlie didn't think about that. Ever. Anyways, his savings had been more than enough for a bus ticket and then some. He hopped off the bus, bright eyed, into the chilly spring morning. His hair was even more of a mess than usual, flat on one side where he'd slept on it and wildly mussed on the other. But it didn't matter. "New York, baby!" the teenager crowed to the blue sky caught between the skyscrapers stretching up around him outside the bus station. He hardly even got a funny glance, and his goofy smile stretched wider as he turned in a circle, taking in everything around him. It was no San Francisco, but it was new, and new was exciting. Infinite possibilities for adventure.
Charlie had started to walk aimlessly, a fat blue duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He'd hail a cab and head to this camp whenever the hell he was ready. Right now, he wanted to take in the sights of the Big Apple. He'd never been so far from his hometown before, and there was something thrilling in the newness of it all. He raked his fingers through his hair, staring at his reflection in a store window. He stopped when he realized he was only succeeding in making it worse. He looked a mess, with his rumpled T shirt and sweats. He shook his head a little and kept walking. He ducked into a Starbucks on the corner and ordered a cafè mocha before heading to the bathroom. He emerged in a blue button-down, brown jeans, and worn brown loafers. His hair was no better than it had been before, but his teeth had been brushed and he felt better. The caffeine and a couple of scones he bought on an impulse only made the morning that much better.

Charlie kept walking. The Build-A-Bear store entranced him and he couldn't resist entering the huge palace of adorable stuffed animals. He didn't even have to think about buying one. He walked in and went straight to the llama.
About an hour later he exited, carrying the llama (who was now named Ricardo van Schloffenberg) under his arm. A couple of younger girls and boys whose animals he had helped dress yelled and waved good-byes, hugging their own furry friends. Charlie felt more light-hearted than ever. He'd seen all he needed to see of New York for today. He hailed a cab and climbed in the back, setting Ricardo van Schloffenberg down beside him on the seat and looking out the window at the city flashing by.

And now he was here, at Camp Jupiter. His new home. He'd asked a passerby who was in charge, who he should talk to, and the guy had pointed him here, to the Principia, where the Praetors lived. Charlie was still holding his llama, his bag still over his shoulder. He stood before two doors which presumably led to their quarters and took a deep breath, happy and excited and perhaps still a little caffeinated (he'd had another coffee before he left the city). He attempted to smooth his hair, and as usual, failed miserably.

He knocked. There was no answer when he rapped on the first door, but on the second one, he could hear someone moving inside. He opened the door without waiting to be invited in. Maybe the second espresso wasn't such a great idea... he thought, trying to resist the urge to bounce up and down. Nah. Course it was. Charlie poked his head inside. "Hi!" he said cheerfully. "Chaaruchandra Keer, at your service. I go by Charlie, though. I'm quite sorry to bother you, only I just got here, and I was wondering, do you like llamas?" He offered Ricardo von Schloffenberg to the boy. Ricardo von Schloffenberg was wearing sunglasses and a purple tuxedo, an interesting combination that somehow worked well with the llama's creamy fur. "New York is awesome. I mean, that Build-A-Bear? Best thing EVER," Charlie grinned. "So anyway, I hear you're in charge around here? I was just wondering, is there anything I should do now I'm here? And what about the whole related to a god thing? I'm kinda skeptical, between you and me, but I'm so very happy to be here." He smiled at the boy, bouncing a little on the caffeine rush. Oh, it was good to be here.


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Re: I Come Bearing Gifts! ((Elijah))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:54 pm

It kind of wasn't fair how the Principia was feeling less like a home and more like a prison these days. There had been days where Elijah respected the large, elaborate building with more reverence than the synagogue his father had made him go to. There had been days when Elijah had first moved out of the Third Cohort barrack and into his own room in the back corner when the boy would have to pause for a moment to remind himself that the room was his. Days where he laughed a lot, nights where he cried a lot. Days...so many days and so much time. Time was quickly becoming the boy's least favorite word, abstract, construct, and whatever other use or description it was given. Because time had passed since Lúth had been taken. Time had passed since Calix had ceased to function, putting the entire weight of the Legion onto Elijah's shoulders. And truly, there were some things that the boy just didn't want to keep track of with time. Things where time just didn't quite add up correctly. About four months since he had met Jack and punched the older boy in the face. About a week since he and Jack had become one of the strangest couples most of the campers had ever seen. About was a word that Elijah hated in some cases, but not in others. It was a pretty bad way of gauging time, if the boy did say so himself. Above all, it didn't seem right that strange, abstract constructs like time had been squeezed into precise measurements. Maybe if they hadn't been in the first place, Elijah would be able to understand them a little better. Most people could make sense of time, but most people's mother wasn't the Goddess of chaos. "Maybe it's time to throw in the towel," the boy snorted to himself as he scribbled a note on the cover of a file. So little sleep. Elijah was sure when he took the time to look back on all his notes, he wouldn't understand most of them. Also, he appeared to be topping most of his 'i's with little hearts. Not fair. "Gratias universi. Omnia mihi necesse fuit filius Venus. Vere," slipping in and out of Latin was bad. Especially around Jack, who understood so little of the language (although that definitely worked in Elijah's favor at times).

Glancing at his watch (something that would possibly be a bit problematic once Elijah went through with his motion to eliminate time), the boy figured he had spent enough of his day going through papers, topping his 'i's with hearts, and resisting the urge to continuously bang his head against the wall. At this point, it was close enough to the time he and Calix would normally be closing up shop on a normal day, anyway. "Normal day..." the son of Discordia snorted. "I'll totally take one of those again, thanks," silence. If he listened closely, Elijah was pretty sure he could hear Calix snoring. Another thing he would be bringing an end to soon, no matter what it took. Taking a few deep breaths, Elijah figured he should just go grab Jack and spend some quality time with his boyfriend before dinner. Another thing he could add to his list of things that were currently unfair; not enough time with Jack. The boy had heard it about all the traditional couples at school...the 'honeymoon phase', and all that...not that the two boys were anywhere near traditional (seriously, as grateful as Elijah was, he really wasn't sure whose brilliant idea it had been to pair the two together, though he was quite suspicious of both his and Jack's mothers), but it would have been nice to get the time. In fact, the way Elijah saw it, after the past four months, he and Jack deserved a double amount of 'honeymoon phase' rather than the extremely short amount of time they were getting. Making a mental note to tell the son of Venus that he was giving up on time so the older boy would have to keep track of those things now, Elijah pushed his papers to the side, stood up and grabbed his keys.

Before he had worked halfway to the door, Elijah jumped back as it opened and a boy poked his head around the side. Time..."Seriously?" he mumbled. "Couldn't have given me a minute, huh?" he sighed. The boy was completely unfamiliar...had probably just set foot in camp, and had apparently just come off a caffeine IV. "Hi..." Elijah finally started wearily before the boy continued. "Uh..." name. Not English, not Latin, way out of Elijah's range. Charlie. That he could deal with. "Do I...uh...llamas?" okay, now Elijah was just confused...and that really didn't happen too often. Confused and on the verge of a panic attack. Or punching someone in the face. The boy wondered briefly if he could do both at the same time. The llama didn't even look too much like a llama, not that Elijah was entirely sure what llamas looked like. There was too much snow throughout most of the year in Maine...most animals didn't do too great there. Though, for sure, they didn't wear sunglasses and purple tuxedos. Still, Elijah had been a vegan long enough for that sort of thing to cause panic. "Llamas need their fur too, you know! Especially if they're hanging out in Maine!" panic. Way, way too much panic (which made very little sense, since the boy's mother was Discordia and all). Taking a deep breath as the boy continued, Elijah tried to relax. "Yes, I'm in charge," trying to keep up with the boy's words, Elijah finally just stopped, letting the boy speak and making mental checks of what he should go over when Charlie stopped talking. Maybe the boy could ask him about his caffeine drip. The son of Discordia might actually be able to use one of those these days.

And suddenly, it stopped. At least, Elijah was pretty sure. With a quick reminder to himself that he was in charge of and representing the Legion these days, the boy tried to present himself a little better. Not easy in too-tight jeans and a hoodie he basically drowned in. "Charlie," he nodded. "Praetor Emmanual. A lot to get done, and lucky for you...plenty of time to do it," time...could someone please just make it go away? Hopefully his tone sounded more calm and collected than irritated like he felt. Though he doubted the boy would even notice at the point he was at. Without even needing to look at his watch, Elijah figured he could forget about dinner, let alone a little extra time with Jack. And the list of things that were currently unfair continued to grow. "No need to be skeptical, rest assured, and so glad you're happy to be here...really...but I was just about to grab my boyfriend and head to dinner a little early..." bracchae, what else? Where would Charlie put his stuff down and spend the night? "I think we have a spare bunk...I don't know. Aim for the Second Cohort barrack. Ask for River and tell her Elijah sent you. And come back tomorrow. Because it's almost dinner time and I want to see my boyfriend, okay?" the boy practically snapped. If Calix was going to put this all in Elijah's hands, he couldn't criticize Elijah's techniques. Or get angry at him. And even if he could, Elijah would break his jaw. Again. Boy...in front of him. With a deep breath, Elijah raised his eyebrow, daring the boy to continue.


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