You've Wandered Too Far ((Cheri Trivellato))

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You've Wandered Too Far ((Cheri Trivellato)) Empty You've Wandered Too Far ((Cheri Trivellato))

Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:48 pm

There were times where Elijah felt kind of normal, despite everything that was going on. Like when Jack had shown up at his bedroom door with Latin for Dummies, asking for Latin lessons. Jack had some crazy way of bringing zombie Elijah back to normal Elijah...something that the boy didn't even think was possible anymore. These days, the boy didn't want to deal with anyone or anything. Long days in the Principia with Calix trying to tighten his grasp on the Legion and no one but Elijah there to half-heartedly smack him hard upside the head and tell him to cool it or things would get ugly. Long nights sitting beside Calix in the other Praetor's room, trying to help him through his pain while trying not to cry himself, trying to be the rock that Calix needed right now. Having no rock himself. Elijah was empty most of the time. Even when he did get some sleep, it was restless...his sister's flute song in his head...the way she actually let him hug her...did she know that was the last time they would see each other...perhaps forever? The thought pained Elijah more than he even thought was possible. The Discordia siblings had had such a strange relationship, and although Elijah had sometimes wished that Lúth would just go away for a day and leave him alone, he would never...ever...sitting against the side wall of a building for a moment, the boy found himself breathing heavily. Pulling the blue crystal out from under his shirt, Elijah looked at it carefully. It was probably designed especially for Lúth, because it did absolutely nothing for him. "Felicionem sit apud vos, Lúthien," he whispered, staring at the pulsating glow. "Placere reperio vestri, decedentem domum cito," the boy said quietly, willing the tears in his eyes not to fall.

A moment of clarity...even if only for five minutes. That was what their mother had said about the crystal. Just rub it. But it didn't work for Elijah. Perhaps he was beyond a clear head right just wasn't possible. "Mater autem forsan eis. Ut qui forte soror mea filia sua. Haec semper inops, sed novimus simus semper liberi et Discordia," Latin was so much easier theses days. People understood English; so few understood Latin fluently. Maybe enough for a quick conversation, but not the way Elijah could speak it. Not even a tad bit off might as well have been his first language. And nobody knew...except perhaps Calix. And the boy's fellow Praetor was so lost in his own world anymore. "Oro ad te matrem. Ego mitto ascendit oblationes. Augur spectat in signa. Quaeso, mittere Lúthien ad nos recurrit. Nolo esse unum primum et ultimum amplectimur. Lúth soror et fidem mortua est," Elijah looked at the sky as he prayed to his mother, hoping for something, anything. But the sky stayed the same clear blue it had been all day, and there was no sign of Discordia in the mad cackle she seemed to enter and exit with, nothing at all. The silence of the whole place surrounded Elijah, and he felt it all weighing down on him. Where was he, anyway?

The wall...the wall that had originally been built to hold the Romans in by a crazy dictator Augur. The wall that, even after the chain of command was restored, was still constantly patrolled. The wall that, when he had been a Centurion, Elijah had been forced to patrol, though for what reasons, he wasn't sure. Looking up, the boy felt tears in his eyes. Why was...oh. Oh. This was where he had first met Lúth. Had watched her be claimed by Discordia, the second time he had seen his mother. Probably the only other time he would. Fingering the crystal, Elijah sighed. Lúth had always had issues with the Gods, especially their mother. The last time he had been with his sister, she had rather blandly told him to take their mother's gift to her. When his sister had disappeared, Elijah had gone to the Third Cohort barracks to look for it. He remembered so clearly...there was one other person in there, a girl Elijah hadn't recognized, setting up her stuff at a bunk. New Legionnaire. As a Praetor, the son of Discordia was supposed to introduce himself to people and make them feel welcome and all. The boy didn't care, he had just ignored the girl as he searched through Lúth's stuff. The crystal wasn't there. On his hands and knees, looking for the gift, Elijah spotted something blue and glowing slightly out of the corner of his eyes. When he looked over and saw it, the boy nearly burst into tears. Lúth must have thrown it sometime before she disappeared...and of all places for it to land...right under Elijah's old bed. Right in the middle...right there for the boy to find. That couldn't have been a coincident...the boy was meant to find it. Slowly getting up, Elijah had ducked down and grabbed the blue crystal on a long chain.

Words...someone was saying something. It took too long for Elijah to figure that out that he didn't even catch what the girl was saying. Looking up, the boy's eyes focused on someone. She looked oddly familiar...who...oh. "Tibi sunt nova tertiae cohortis puella...ego facere memineris. Bene grata Camp Iuppiter," blinking, Elijah realized he was still in Latin mode. Looking down, the boy sighed softly. "Sorry," he shrugged before looking back up at the girl. "I remember you from the barracks," he gave a sad smile. "I was the one on my hands and knees going through that empty bunk," another soft sigh. Empty bunk. All of Lúth's stuff still there. Standing, Elijah looked over the girl. She was pretty short, but still had three or four inches on him. No surprise there. Trying to push aside the overwhelming sadness and urge to run away, Elijah took a deep breath. "Third Cohort is the best, you know. The Augur and a Praetor have come from the Third Cohort. Don't let the First try and tell you otherwise, especially since I've managed to maim two of them..." Elijah gave a humorless laugh. "Welcome, though. Praetor Emmanual, one of the leaders of the Legion. Here to help and whatnot, but only if you ask nicely, don't annoy me, and just call me Elijah," the boy held out his hand to the girl. "Praetor Elijah Emmanual, formerly Centurion of the Third Cohort. Son of Discordia Ferocimus. And don't worry about those First Cohort guys. The one whose jaw I broke is one of my best friends and the other is...well, the scar will never go away," Elijah shrugged. It actually felt good to talk, especially to someone new.

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You've Wandered Too Far ((Cheri Trivellato)) Empty Re: You've Wandered Too Far ((Cheri Trivellato))

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:16 pm

At the top of her suit case laid a freshly opened pack of gum. Cheri flicked it open and popped a piece in her mouth, letting the silver wrapping fall into her case. After just a few chews the minty flavoring filled her mouth, and she dropped the gum back down. She shifted through the contents of her luggage for a moment. There were a few odd pamphlets talking about the town she was about to visit, a couple of photos of the people she had met, and little trinkets that meant next to nothing. All of those items were nothing but a waste of space, she decided. It wasn’t like she was going to parade around with the photos glued to a binder like in high school, although from the sounds of it she would have to glue it to a sword, or some other sort of weapon. The idea of it made her scoff. Perhaps someone drugged her at the beach just before she left home and the entire trip she had was nothing more than delusions. However, as Cheri dug her nails into her palm, and a slight pain coursed up her arm, there was no denying that she was in the real world.

After taking a last look at her things, and shaking her head in disgust at them, Cheri slammed the suit case closed. She glared at the top of it. Why had she packed such stupid things? At the time they seemed practical, but none of them mattered anymore. She felt trapped, as if the pamphlets and trinkets were taunting her. They showed her what she could have had, and did have, prior to the whole becoming some Roman God’s daughter. No, that wasn’t right. She had always been a Roman God’s daughter, it was just now that she was being noticed. Even then her father hadn’t recognized her, it was just the Gods saying that she belonged to one of them. Wonderful.

Dropping her bag to the ground, Cheri sat on the bed – she wasn’t quite sure if it really was hers. She wanted to do something that would help her stop thinking. However, because she didn’t entirely know what was going on, she wasn’t sure where she was and wasn’t allowed. Apparently there was some other camp nearby. She could always go check that out, see if it was any less complicated than Camp Jupiter.

On the other hand perhaps the distraction she was looking for was right in front of her. A guy was searching through what seemed to be an empty bunk. Cheri could only see the back of his head, but it seemed almost as if he was panicking. In a swift movement, he rushed over to another bed nearby and started to flail his arm under the bed (alright, so Cheri exaggerated a little, sue her). Something didn’t seem right about the situation. If she was wrong, then the worst that the guy could do was laugh at the new kid, which would probably result in a sore stomach for him. If she was right, well she probably wouldn’t get anything.

“Hey mate, what’re you doing?” Cheri said as she approached the guy. Mate, for some reason she had always been drawn to the word even though she wasn’t British or Australian. Maybe she was more like her mother than she thought. Trish had a full on obsession with the French, which took it a bit beyond liking a few words. Her train of thought was cut off as the guy stood up (Cheri noted that he was on the shorter side) and started talking to her in some language she didn’t recognize. He quickly apologized before pretending to recognize her and then feeling the need to describe what she had clearly seen.

“Praetor? That’s like one of the leader things, yeah?” Cheri said, putting a hand on her hip and looking Elijah up and down. He wasn’t really her type, but a man in power did have its perks. “Anyone who can hold their own is alright in my book.” She took his hand, gave it a good shake, and winked at him. Blowing a bubble with her gum, she considered asking him for help around Camp Jupiter. She was at a complete loss when it came to the place, but at the same time she had found her way around well in random cities across the US, so why couldn’t she do the same there? [i]Because this is a whole new world, not just a new city,[i] the thought crossed her mind.

“I’ll be honest with ya Elijah, I don’t really understand why I’m here. I mean I understand that I’m the kid of some God, but other than that I don’t get it. Would you mind explaining it to me, and perhaps showing me around?” Cheri’s lips turned up as she looked at him. Remembering that he had said he didn’t mind helping if asked nicely, she added, “Please.” The word hung in the air as she waited for his response.


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