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Post by Elijah Emmanual-Wheelan on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:11 am

There was no way in hell Elijah was letting his sister go to the Valentine's Day dance in jeans like she had been threatening to do. She was too pretty, and she actually had a date. And although the boy knew that Calix wouldn't mind either way, he wanted Lúth to wow her boyfriend. So he had made sure he got his hands on a dress he knew would look gorgeous on his sister and the proper makeup to compliment the red of the dress and Lúth's complexion. Elijah didn't want to overdue it...with a knockout dress like he had gotten, makeup would have to be subtle but complimentary. Subtle wasn't really the boy's thing, but he knew enough about makeup to know how to do it right. And he had been dying to give his sister a makeover anyway...what better excuse than a Valentine's Day dance? She was going to look gorgeous and stunning whether she liked it or not. And absolutely no jeans. Lúth was wearing that damn dress (not only would it look amazing on her, Elijah had paid a pretty penny for it), she was going to look gorgeous, and she was going to do it all without a fight. Well, she would definitely fight, but Elijah wouldn't deal with that. He wasn't beyond threatening, either.

So a couple hours before the dance, Elijah found himself setting up in the third cohort barrack. He had dragged a full length mirror from his room in the Principia over, set up a folding table he had found and of course, a desk chair from his room in the Principia. The dress hung in its bag from the top of Lúth's bunk, the shoes sitting at the base of it. Humming softly to himself, Elijah set up his station by a window where they would get plenty of natural light. He carefully laid out the makeup on the table, peeking around to the door every few minutes to see if Lúth had come in yet. Logically, the boy knew he would hear the door if it opened, but he was excited. Elijah thought his sister was gorgeous, and she just didn't show it he was going to make sure she did show it off for this dance. She and Calix could thank him later. Because the son of Discordia was going to turn his gorgeous sister into the most stunning belle of the ball. Whether she liked it or not (and she wouldn't, but Elijah wasn't giving her a choice). Impatiently, the boy tapped his foot. Lúth knew to meet him there at this time...she was probably running late on purpose just to tick him off.

And Elijah still had to get himself ready. He had decided to wear his official wear (mainly because he didn't have anything else) and had plans to do his makeup elaborately and perfectly. But not if his dear sister didn't show up soon. Tonight was going to be fun...Elijah had been working on this dance for weeks, and he wasn't going to let Lúth ruin it by not showing up for her beautifying session. Looking at his watch, the boy sighed and rolled his eyes. So she was only five minutes late...but those were five precious minutes in both of their getting ready process. "Lúth..." the son of Discordia mumbled, tapping his foot. "You'd better get here soon or you're in big, big trouble..." he shook his head, glancing over at the makeshift makeup station, the bag that held the dress and the shoes. With a sigh, the boy realized he'd probably have to teach his sister how to walk in heels. This was just getting better and better. His own nice makeup plans were looking more and more grim...Elijah resigned himself to the fact that he'd probably have to go simple. Not much different than usual. Not that 'usual' was simple, but the boy could do his usual makeup routine in his sleep...and that was just no fun for a nice night.

Finally, the door opened and Lúth walked in. Eight minutes late. "Get over here right now," Elijah growled at his sister. "You're late, and we have a lot to do in a few short hours if you don't want to look like a wild beast," shaking his head, the boy walked over to his sister and steered her back to the station. As an afterthought, he added, "And please tell me you can walk in heels, because if I have to give you lessons in that, you'd better cooperate so we can move as fast as possible. Because I still have to get ready, too." Unzipping the garment bag with the dress, Elijah handed it to his sister. "Put the dress on. No complaints, I picked it out and got it just for you. Not wearing it would be a personal insult to me, and I will kill you with my bare hands." With a deep breath, Elijah raised his eyebrow, staring at Lúth. "I don't know what you're waiting for, but get to it. I am in no mood," knowing perfectly well that this would only fuel his sister's defiance, Elijah glared at her, daring her to argue with him.

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Post by Guest on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:32 am

It was one thing for Lúthien to go to the Valentines dance, just like it was special that the young woman would wear a dress. To do both at the same time was hardly something she'd consider. She'd made an obvious point in objecting to her brother, using every occasion she got to remind him she wasn't going to a dance wearing a dress. She simply refused to do that. Naturally, her brother ignored that as much as the fact that she ignored his plans for her at the dance. Neither of the siblings really wanted to do what the other had in mind and that day, Lúthien was feeling rebellious toward her brother. Yes, his official position in the Legion was much above her own but since she was the older sibling, she felt she could use that against him. It equalled them out a little. Besides, Lúthien only listened to orders because she liked the people giving them enough. On that part, she really was a loose canon at times.

Lúthien had slept in till noon and at that point she'd gotten dressed in something she considered good enough for the dance. A purple corset with black lace and some black skinny jeans. And flats, just simple fat shoes. It wasn't that Lúthien couldn't walk on high heels, she just preferred not to do so. Heels were bothersome and could easily cause severe injuries and that wasn't something that Lúthien wanted (or liked for that matter) and so she'd decided to not wear heels. All in all, she considered herself to be quite ready for the dance. She'd done nothing with her hair though, and the mess on top of her head was acceptable if he asked her. Lúthien never put all that much stock in her appearance. She looked good enough without bothering for hours with a minimal increase in looks. She didn't see the use. Naturally, Elijah must have seen something she didn't, for he'd demanded her presence in her own barracks to prepare her for the dance. Why it couldn't just be done at the Principia was a riddle to Lúthien.

Lúthien looked at a clock when she noticed she was already late. She grimaced for a moment. She hadn't intended to be late for a change and she still was. Elijah was used to it but this was going to be bad enough without him being upset about her being late. With a sigh, Lúthien picked up the pace and jogged back toward her barracks, all the while thinking insults at her brother for demanding to give her a make-over. She looked perfectly fine. Completely out of breath, she arrived at her barracks. Running with a corset? Not a good idea. The air supply is simply too small in that case. Upon arrival, before she could say a word, Elijah ushered her into a little corner that Lúthien instantly labelled as hell. Make-up, a bag that obviously held a dress and shoes she wouldn't want to walk in if her life depended on it. "I'm not a doll Elijah!" She objected upon regaining of enough breath. "I can go like this, and I am certainly not wearing high heels." She said.

Elijah ignored her and handed over the dress he wanted her to wear. "You have got to be joking me." Lúthien said in a flat voice. The dress was gorgeous, no doubt. It just wasn't something she'd wear. Like, ever! "Elijah!" She complained but the look he gave her made her glare as she kicked her shoes out, toward her brother. If he was going to torture her, she wasn't going to be gentle about it. She wasn't going to be quick about this either. She hoped he'd calculated in time for defiance because he'd be a fool not to expect it. She slowly undressed and gently put her corset away, slipping into the dress. She did this muttering things under her breath, none of them flattering for her brother. When she was finally done she turned around to her brother. "Now what?" She asked in an annoyed voice, already feeling out of place in the dress. "And why couldn't it have been black and purple or something? Why does it have to look like something pulled straight out of Venus' wardrobe?" She complained, pulling on the dress irritably. "I look ridiculous!" She said when she noticed herself in the mirror.


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